What Oz Gloves Do Boxer Use

What Oz Gloves Do Boxer Use?

Ever wondered what Oz gloves boxers use? Read on to discover the difference between 12, 14, and 16 ounce gloves and make the best choice for you.

What Oz Gloves Do Boxer Use

What Is The Difference Between 12, 14 And 16 Oz Boxing Gloves?

The difference between these gloves is that they have different cushioning for your fist. Boxing gloves are only measured by weight (Oz) and not by size. The standard size for boxing gloves is 12, 14 and 16 ounces and this refers to the overall weight of each individual glove.

These weight classes indicate the amount of padding between your opponent and your fist. A lighter boxing glove is traditionally better suited for boxing training whilst a heavier glove is ideally suited for sparring and/or fighting.

How Many Ounces Should My Own Boxing Gloves Be?

Depending on whether you are using your gloves for training or fighting purposes, you should invest in lighter gloves for the former and heavier gloves for the latter. If you are going to be training and fighting then both lighter and heavier weighing gloves would be appropriate.

The ideal weight is also dependent on your own size. Men and women should always select their boxing gloves on the basis of their weight class and not their gender. Some basic size information with regards to weight class is as follows:

  • Under 100 lbs (including children): 6-8 oz gloves
  • 100-125 lbs: 10 oz gloves
  • 125-150 lbs: 12 oz gloves
  • 150-175 lbs: 14 oz gloves
  • 175+ lbs: 16+ oz gloves

When you are sparring or fighting, you should also increase your size by 2 Oz to make sure that you are comfortable and safe whilst engaging in combat. If you are seeking a glove size that is appropriate for both, then you should choose a 12 or 14 ounce glove to use for both purposes.

When selecting a heavier sized glove then it will require more strength to lift your hands and punch your opponent of the bag.

If you are strengthening your muscles, this is the perfect choice, however if you are looking to build momentum then you should definitely select a smaller size in order to increase your overall speed and efficiency.

Professional boxers will own several sizes of gloves and alternate on the basis of their own individual goals.

Does A Heavier Glove Pack A Harder Punch?

Does A Heavier Glove Pack A Harder Punch

No, a heavier glove is not guaranteed to deliver a harder punch, nor does it hurt your opponent less.

A heavier glove is purely useful for ensuring that you and your opponent are safe in the process of fighting as they have more padding which is utilized in order to soften the blow as you incorporate your body weight into a punch.

In order to hit harder, you will need to focus solely on your technique as opposed to increasing the weight of your gloves. If you wish to improve your form then you should definitely improve your workout routine and incorporate the best punching techniques and routines.

Amateur Versus Professional

There are some differentiations between amateur glove sizes and professional glove sizes. Amateur male fighters who are competing in middleweight and super-heavyweight divisions will need to wear 12 Oz boxing gloves during their fights.

The most that a middleweight boxer is allowed to weigh is 165 pounds and the weight of these boxers will range from 153-165 pounds.

Therefore the 12 Oz rule is intended to enhance the safety of any boxer who weighs over 152 pounds. Female boxers will use 10 oz boxing gloves irrespective of their weight class.

Amateur boxers who are fighting within the welterweight division will use 10 ounce gloves also. This rule is applicable to boxers who weigh in at under 152 pounds. The lowest weight class is the light flyweight division which has an upper limit of 106 pounds.

The 10 oz gloves used in this category are lighter than 12 ounce gloves and the padding is carefully constructed to be more compact.

Once a boxer enters the realms of professional boxing, the gloves worn during fights will decrease in weight. This is why amateurs need to reach a level of professional maturity in order to advance into these ranks and deal with the physical consequences.

Amateur glove sizes are a precautionary measure in order to prevent the body from long-lasting trauma. Whilst in professional boxing, the fighters will only compete using 10 oz gloves as they are more advanced in their field.

If you are a professional boxer who is competing in the welterweight category (or under) you will be required to wear 8 oz gloves during your boxing match.

Fighters in these divisions tend to move with more speed than other heavier fighters and these smaller weighing gloves are designed to allow these boxers to punch and react with their maximum proficiency and speed.

To conclude, boxing gloves typically weigh 10 oz, 12 oz and 14 oz. The weight of the gloves that you should use will depend on the reasons why you are boxing.

If you are taking up the sport as a hobby or to improve your fitness, then a 12 oz glove will be more than appropriate as you will be able to move freely and still whack the pads and bags with power without damaging your fist.

14 and 16 oz gloves are better for amateur fights where the body is required to be more protected and 10 oz gloves are the standard weight of the gloves that women use during an amateur and professional fight, whereas men will only use gloves of this weight whilst fighting professionally.

Monitoring the weight of the boxing gloves that are used in a tight fit is an essential safety precaution and means that the boxers are able to utilize their skills with maximum proficiency without compromising the security and health of themselves and their opponent.

This is why it is important that you identify which gloves are the most appropriate for you and if necessary, purchase more than one size.

You will definitely need to purchase more than one weight if you are serious about pursuing a professional career in this sport as both amateur and professional boxers will alternate their gloves on a regular basis in order to suit their individual needs.


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