How Much Does Boxing Cost (Avg. Cost Of Boxing Training)

How Much Does Boxing Cost (Avg. Cost Of Boxing Training)

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world and by far the most popular form of combat sport. Its popularity as a way to keep fit, as well as a way to learn to defend yourself, however, many people have absolutely no idea how much it costs to take up boxing, and often the cost can take people by surprise as many people see it as a very working-class pursuit.

While there are several different costs to be aware of and most beginners won’t be aware of all of them, boxing isn’t a particularly expensive sport to start as a beginner, and even well-established gyms will offer competitive prices as well as memberships and payment plans to ensure that almost everyone, of all ability levels, ages and backgrounds are able to pursue the sweet science.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many people from troubled or tough backgrounds take up boxing, as it’s incredibly accessible and there is always that chance that if you start early enough, and have the dedication and talent, you could change your life for the better, becoming more confident, fitter, disciplined and maybe even successful.

But first things first, let’s introduce you to some of the key costs and considerations for boxing, to give you the best picture of prices and what can affect the prices so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is really for you, and if you can afford it or not.

The Cost Of Classes

Most boxing gyms and trainers operate classes, and these are most commonly open time slots at a gym designed to allow varying numbers of trainees to attend and train in a variety of ways, from beginner sessions designed to build fitness and initial technique as well as confidence, or sparring sessions that allow amateurs and aspirants to come to the gym and test their skills in a controlled and safe environment with experienced trainers and coaches to monitor you and help hone your abilities.

The costs of these different sessions will vary widely depending on a variety of factors so this makes giving precise costs difficult, however, we can provide estimates to give you a ballpark idea of how much cash to take with you to the gym.

Generally speaking, a standard in-gym boxing class could cost anywhere between 15 to 20 dollars, depending on certain factors.

This would be considered the price of admission for that single class and would need to be paid each time you attend a session to the coach or gym depending on the venue and setup.

Virtual classes can cost anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars, again depending on certain factors, and would need to be paid per session.

This type of purchase isn’t very popular and is generally only used by total beginners who are unsure if boxing will be for them, and want to dip their toe in without committing to a membership.

For dedicated boxers or trainees, however, many gyms offer monthly or even yearly memberships which can offer considerable discounts and savings.

These can vary a lot again, however, and it’s difficult to give a ballpark figure, as monthly memberships can start anywhere from 40 dollars to 80 dollars, and can include an initial sign-up fee of varying amounts also.

Let’s take a look at what can affect the price of your boxing class to give you a better idea of what to look out for.


The area in which you’re boxing will have some impact on the cost of the classes.

Busier areas can sometimes be cheaper as there will be more available, however, this can also play against you and make classes more expensive as scarcity can drive costs up. Boxing gyms are often busier in urban areas, so consider this when looking for a gym.


The quality of the coaches can also play a significant role in pricing. A gym that has world-class professional coaches will naturally be more expensive than gyms run by local instructors, as the gulf in expertise will command a premium price.


Again, a gym that is well equipped with various sparring areas, workout rooms, and equipment will be more expensive than a pop-up gym at a local community center, so consider your needs based on your ability and aspirations.


Take into account the number of times you plan to attend the gym and for how long, as this can dictate where you find the best value in terms of memberships and other promotions.

The Cost Of Equipment

The Cost Of Equipment

Another cost of boxing training is the cost of equipment. Most beginners won’t need very much, if any, gear, but as you progress and become more invested in the sport, you will want to start building up your own equipment pool.


This may surprise you, but gloves aren’t the most important piece of kit for boxing.

For beginners, most gyms will be able to let you use gym gloves (beware, they will be incredibly stinky, which may be why most trainees quickly invest in their own gloves after a session or two!) for free or for a very small fee, meaning you don’t need to buy gloves right away.

There are several types of gloves, from bag gloves to sparring gloves and competitive gloves. Don’t splurge on the best gloves available right at the start. Get something cheap that you can use and abuse and if you actually stick to boxing and wear them out, then you should consider a better pair.

A decent starting pair of beginner bag gloves can cost as little as 30 dollars, while sparring gloves can be upwards of 200 dollars. For beginners though, a pair of cheap bag gloves is the best place to start once you’re sure you’re serious about boxing.


Wraps are arguably the most important piece of kit, as they get incredibly sweaty and gyms won’t tend to provide these to you, except in some cases where simple quick wrap straps are provided.

A good pair of traditional wraps and learning how to use them properly is the sign that you’ve caught the bug of boxing and are beginning to take the sport seriously, as well as making sure you don’t break your wrist when working the heavy bag! Wraps can cost anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars.


A decent pair of sports sneakers will be key to ensuring you can move around the gym effectively and take part in runs and other training sessions common at boxing gyms. A decent pair can cost anywhere from 40 to 100 dollars.

Workout Clothing

Naturally, a relatively well-fitted tracksuit or workout clothes are important for ensuring you can work out comfortably. These can cost a lot but don’t have to be very expensive as they will undoubtedly get ruined by sweat and punishment of boxing sessions.


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