10 Best 16 Oz Boxing Gloves

If you are looking for a new pair of boxing gloves to buy, you may be confused about the sizing system for boxing gloves and which one you should buy.

Boxing gloves are measured by weight instead of size - usually, the more you weigh the higher the weight of the boxing glove you should go. However, some trainers and boxers will recommend you to go a few ounces heavier.

Most boxing gloves weigh between 12 to 16 ounces (oz) but the difference in weight makes a big difference.

A 16 oz boxing glove has a larger amount of padding, so it is more protective for your hands and for your opponent. This does make these gloves heavier, but also makes them better suited for actual fighting and sparring than shadowboxing or practising.

This does not mean a 16 oz glove hits harder - it just makes boxing safer for you and your opponent.

Using a 16 oz boxing glove is highly recommended by boxers everywhere, so don’t put yourself and your opponent in danger by switching to a lighter boxing glove. But which 16 oz boxing glove is best?

We have made a list of the ten best 16 oz boxing gloves that you should consider buying - for a safer boxing experience. 


Best Boxing & Kick Boxing Gloves for Men and Women, Training & Sparring Gloves for Pro Fighters, Complimentary Hand Wraps and Mesh Bag (16, Black on White)

Despite the heaviness that comes with 16 oz boxing gloves, you still want a pair of gloves that are high quality and comfortable - and Elite provides boxing gloves that bring these qualities to the table.

Elite’s boxing gloves are made from quality PU leather that feels comfortable and is ergonomically curved - meaning that you don’t have to keep your fist halted while training. This will help improve your boxing performance and box like a champion.

Also, these gloves bring even more protection than the 16 oz weight provides. They are made using triple density gel and impact foat to protect your hands and knuckles while you are sparring by absorbing the shock.

This will reduce the chances of sprains and injuries so you can keep boxing for as long as you want.

While Elite provides plenty of impact protection, they do need to work on their velcro enclosure to ensure the gloves are tightly fit for extra wrist support.


  • Made from high quality PU leather
  • Triple density gel and impact foam for added protection
  • Ergonomic curve to improve performance

  • Not always secured around the wrists


Pro Style Boxing Gloves-Black 16oz (PR)

Everlast’s Pro Style 16 oz boxing gloves provide great protection in its design and construction.

These affordable boxing gloves have a grip cord inside for extra protection and gripping power, and utilizes closed cell foam technology to protect your hands from impact shock.

On top of all that, Everlast’s Pro Style boxing gloves have mesh ventilation panels in the palms to keep your hands dry during training and contain antimicrobial treatment that prevents your gloves from giving off odors caused by sweat.

However, the half strap velcro wrist enclosure does not provide much wrist support, meaning that if you are worried about wrist injuries, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.


  • Grip cord for extra power and protection
  • Mesh ventilation to reduce the amount of sweat
  • Affordable compared to competitors


  • Lack of wrist support


Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women Training Pro Punching Heavy Bag Mitts MMA Muay Thai Sparring Kickboxing Gloves (White, 14 oz)

For a boxing glove that does provide that much sought after wrist support, consider buying Hawk’s 16 oz boxing gloves.

These boxing gloves feature two separate padded blocks over the wrist joints to give extra wrist support and protect your wrists from injuries and strains. This is also in part to the hook and loop velcro wrist wrap, securing your glove to your wrists.

There is also a thumb lock feature for added safety, and multi-layered padding for shock absorption to protect your knuckles.

All of these safety features combined with the 16 oz weight of the gloves means that you can box with confidence and without the worry of injury.

The thick straps around the wrists however can make taking these gloves on and off a little more challenging but it is worth it for the extra safety features they provide.


  • Padded wrist blocks to protect wrist joints
  • Thumb lock feature for extra safety
  • Multi-layered padding to protect knuckles from impact


  • Tricky to take on and off due to thick velcro wrist wrap


Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women Wrist and Knuckle Protection, Dual-X Hook and Loop Closure, Splinted Wrist Support, 5 Layer Foam Knuckle Padding - Black/Gold, 16 oz

As one of the most well known boxing glove manufacturers in the world, it is no surprise to any boxer that Hayabusa is on this list.

Their 16 oz boxing gloves provide extremely strong wrist support using four splints at the back of the glove, supporting the back of your hand, and have two interlocking wrist straps to support the joints.

These straps may be too stiff to some boxers’ tastes, but they can be adjusted for a perfect fit, making these gloves tailored to your ideal comfort. This makes Hayabusa’s gloves ideal for comfort and protection.

The safety features continue with the premium foam technology used in the gloves to absorb impact during training and sparring, dispersing the energy so your knuckles don’t take it and risk a fracture.

All in all, the Hayabusa boxing gloves are ideal to use as they protect you in so many ways as well as your opponent.


  • 4 splints constructed into the back of the hand for support
  • Two wrist straps for wrist support
  • Premium foam for impact absorption.


  • Stiff material, particularly around the foam and wrist straps. 


Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Matte/Black - 16oz

After frequent use by hard-hitting boxers, a lot of boxing gloves may begin to fall apart. If you are looking for a pair of boxing gloves that will survive a beating, then Venum has you covered.

Their Elite 16 oz boxing gloves are made using 100% premium Skintex leather for a durable and resilient outer shell.

The palms are also reinforced with extra layers and the seams are hand stitched and reinforced so these gloves should not be falling apart any time soon.

The only issue with the reinforced palms means that there is very little ventilation in these gloves, so expect your hands to get really sweaty while you box.

These boxing gloves are also super protective. The long cuffs provide good wrist support and the construction includes triple density natural foam for shock absorption from strikes, protecting your knuckles during sparring.

This means you can box without injury-related worries.


  • Natural foam for protection
  • Reinforced seams for a long-lasting pair of gloves
  • Long cuffs for wrist protection


  • Poor ventilation will lead to sweaty hands


Liberlupus Boxing Gloves for Men & Women, Boxing Training Gloves, Kickboxing Gloves, Sparring Punching Gloves, Heavy Bag Workout Gloves for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA

Boxing glove maintenance is an often overlooked part of boxing, as if you don’t take care of your gloves, don’t be surprised if they lose their quality faster.

If you want to find a pair of boxing gloves that are easy to look after and still provide great support, try Liberlupus' 16 oz boxing gloves.

With these gloves from Liberlupus, all you have to do is wipe them down with a wet towel to clean them. The palm has a breathable mesh for ventilation so you won’t have any sweaty odors building up from your gloves. This makes these gloves easier to maintain.

Liberlupus’ boxing gloves also provide a level of professional protection using a unique three layer padding design. There is an elastic outer layer, thick and high dentistry mid layer, and a soft inner layer for comfort.

The outer layer is durable and easy to clean, while the other layers help absorb shock and provide a protective foam padding to reduce your risk of injuries. All of this protection, however, can make the gloves feel rather stiff for some boxers.


  • Great support and protection
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Easy to maintain and care for


  • Extra secure fit may feel too tight and stiff for some boxers


Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves for Men & Women - Kickboxing Training Gloves - Heavy Bag Gloves, Punching Bag Gloves for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA

Trideer has made high quality boxing gloves for many years now, and their Pro Grade boxing gloves are a great choice for boxers looking for durable gloves.

The Trideer Pro Grade boxing gloves are made using a tough synthetic leather that does not feel cheap at all, and is also really easy to clean and maintain.

This tough synthetic leather means that these gloves can last a long time before you start to notice any splits. It is durable and resilient, certain to be long lasting thanks to these gloves’ material.

While tough and long lasting, these gloves also provide superior comfort to many other competitors.

The mesh is breathable to allow for good ventilation to fight against sweaty hands, so you can have a good sparring session without the uncomfortable feeling of sweaty hands.

But while the Trideer gloves are comfortable to use and are more durable than some of its competitors, a few boxers have mentioned that the wraparound wrist strap does not always provide enough wrist support - if you get these boxing gloves, you may want to consider getting some extra wraps as well.


  • Made from expensive feeling synthetic leather
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Loose wrist strap requires extra wrist support 


Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves, RD/BK, 16 oz

A well known brand among boxers is Ringside - and for good reason. They create amazing gloves built for both cardio and strength building that do not compromise on safety.

Ringside boxing gloves feature Injected Molded Foam (IMF) which is ideal for absorbing impact and saving your knuckles from taking the shock. This protection means you can box without pulling any punches.

Also, the full wrap around hook and loop closure and attached thumb feature provide great protection and support to your wrists and thumb, However, all of this foam and tight straps can feel restrictive to some boxers and may feel uncomfortable.

But knowing that you are protected from risk of injury can allow you to go full out while sparring, and trying these Ringside boxing gloves out will let you box to your best efforts.

Another positive of these Ringside gloves are that they also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the right ones for you and customize them to your tastes.


  • Trusted and well known brand
  • High level of protection and support for hands and wrists
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Tight feeling may be uncomfortable for some boxers


Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Fighting / Bag Gloves (All Black, 16 oz)

Sanabul are another company that have made durable and safe boxing gloves that are designed to protect a boxers’ hands.

Their Essential 16 oz boxing gloves provide amazing wrist protection through the amazing hook and loop closure system that wraps around your wrist joints and also gives them the support they need so you don’t suffer from sprains or injuries.

Just tighten up the straps for extra support and get boxing with confidence.

These boxing gloves are also such a good fit that it won’t take long to break them in. There is a breathable mesh in the palms and a longitudinal arch design that fits your hands’ natural curve easily.

It’s a snug and tight fit using gel infused foam to provide protection and softness that helps prevent injuries affecting your hands.

Although you won’t be spending months breaking in these gloves, there is a strong chemical smell to these gloves when they first arrive, so you will have to air them out first before using them.


  • Great wrist protection
  • Snug fit
  • Uses gel infused foam to protect your hands from injury


  • Strong chemical smell when first used


Jayefo Glorious Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Kick Boxing Leather Sparring Heavy Bag Workout MMA Pro Leather Gloves Mitts Work for Men & Women (16 OZ, Pink)

And finally, we have the Glorious 16 oz boxing gloves by Jayefo.

Jayefo creates comfortable boxing gloves that are perfect for a great boxing experience. Their boxing gloves are designed with a cool mesh palm for breathability so you don’t have to worry about sweaty palms in the middle of sparring.

These boxing gloves are also incredibly durable due to its construction including a heavy duty G-Hide.

This heavy duty material is what protects the Glorious series from normal wear and tear, making them near unbreakable from the outside. Unfortunately, this means that the gloves can feel a bit stiff and take a while to break in.

As for protection, the Jayefo Glorious boxing gloves are designed with a very secure double padded wrist grip that helps prevent wrist strain and injury.

This allows you to have a great grip on your glove when striking with little to no slipping or loosening during training.

So for an overall good boxing glove, consider Jayefo Glorious boxing glove.


  • Features a double padded wrist grip
  • Breathability due to mesh palm
  • Long lasting and durable


  • Stiff and hard to break in


10 Best 16 Oz Boxing Gloves

So that is our top ten best 16 oz boxing gloves. Remember that using a 16 oz boxing glove - no matter your actual weight - is a safer option when it comes to protecting yourself from injuries and also protecting your opponent as well.

This doesn’t mean you can compromise on other safety features, so choose from our list above for the best 16 oz boxing glove that suits your needs.