What Size Boxing Gloves Should A Woman Get (8 Oz, 10 Oz, 12 Oz, 14 Oz Or 16 Oz)

What Size Boxing Gloves Should A Woman Get (8 Oz, 10 Oz, 12 Oz, 14 Oz Or 16 Oz)

Boxing is an incredibly dynamic sport that can be an intense workout for your body.

By training to box, you can work a dynamic range of muscles, from the arms, glutes, thighs and core. In addition, you can improve your strength, heart rate, muscles, endurance and so much more by learning to box.

But first, to get you started, you’ll need to know what size boxing gloves a woman should use. Boxing gloves typically go by weight, and come in sizes ranging from 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz up to 16 oz. So, what does this sizing system mean?

What Does The Sizing Of The Boxing Gloves Mean?

The sizing system of boxing gloves can be a little confusing for beginners. To help you understand what they mean and which ones you need, we’ll go into a little more detail here.

The weight of each boxing glove set depends on the amount of padding found inside of the boxing gloves. What this means is that the heavier the boxing gloves, the more padding they will have inside.

In addition to this, a boxing glove should always be a nice tight, perfect fit around the boxer’s hand to avoid any shake when boxing.

8 oz – 10 oz Gloves

8 oz and 10 oz gloves are at the lightest end of the scale. These gloves are perfect for beginners, or those who are of a lighter weight. Due to their lightweight design, these boxing gloves have much less padding, and are more intended for junior boxers and women boxers new to the sport.

These kinds of gloves are perfect for lighter boxes, and are ideal for those who weigh up to 49 kg, as they will support the wrists, knuckles and hands of smaller women.

That being said, more experienced boxers may train with lighter gloves for the purpose of pad work or bag work to build up their speed.

12 oz – 14 oz Gloves

For those women who are medium weight, they should go for the medium weighted gloves. These are often the gloves of choice as they are versatile and perfect for all levels of boxing and training.

If you want just one pair to suit all of your boxing needs, then go for a middleground weight such as these. We would also recommend that boxers heavier than 49 kg but not weighing more than 69 kg use these kinds of gloves for training.

16 oz Gloves

On the heavier end of the scale, we have 16 oz boxing gloves. These offer the best protection for boxers as they have the most padding inside. These kinds of gloves are best used for heavy sparring, bag work and pads.

In addition, as they are so heavy, they can also help boxers build up strength and endurance, and boxing with these will be a good source of cardio. However, any boxer over 70 kg would be better off with 16 oz boxing gloves.

How To Measure Boxing Gloves For Women

How To Measure Boxing Gloves For Women

If you’re unsure which boxing gloves will be best for you, then you can try measuring your hands. This can be done by wrapping a fabric tape measure around the palms and your wrist to note the lengths in inches.

Then, you will want to measure the lengths of your fingertips to your wrist to find the perfect size gloves.

If your wrist measurement is 6 inches or less, and the other measurements you took are 7 inches or less, then you should be fine with small to medium sized gloves. In addition, you need to consider whether you want front weighted boxing gloves or rear weighted boxing gloves.

Most women will opt for front weighted gloves especially as a beginner, as the only use you have for this is for training, practice and beginner classes. If you want to progress, then you can try the rear weighted gloves.

After you’ve found your size, you can decide on a weight. As mentioned above, as a general rule of thumb, you will want to try 10 oz gloves if you weigh about 100 lbs, but if your weight is more like 125 lbs, then 12 oz gloves will be better.

From 150 lbs onwards, you will prefer 14 oz gloves, and if you weigh more than 150 lbs, then try the 16 oz boxing gloves.

What Size Boxing Gloves Should A Woman Get?

If you’re looking for a quick guide of which size boxing gloves to get, then check out this simple and easy to use table below. This can help you gauge which size boxing gloves will suit you best.

Your Weight Hand CircumferenceGlove Weight Size
40 – 54 kg5.5 “ to 6.5 “8 oz
54 – 68 kg6.5 “ to 7.5 “10 oz
68 – 84 kg7.5 “ to 8.5 “12 oz
85 + kg8.5 “ to 9.5 “14 oz

For the most part, it does depend on your own weight and strength. For instance, a really fit, stronger framed female can use a fourteen ounce boxing glove, whereas smaller, petite and lighter women may prefer a 10 oz glove.

However, you can always start out with a lighter glove and build up your strength to the heavier ones as your boxing training progresses, it all depends on your personal preference.


To summarize, boxing gloves come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. If you’re new to the world of boxing, then it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which boxing gloves to purchase and use.

But, with our guide, you will know exactly which size is right for your weight, size, strength and level of expertise. Most female boxers who are beginners will start with about 10 oz to 12 oz boxing gloves to help them build up skill and speed.


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