Does Boxing Burn Belly Fat

Does Boxing Burn Belly Fat?

Boxing is certainly one of the best sports for exercise, and exercise is key for a healthy lifestyle. For some of us, our health goal is to lose weight and burn belly fat, so it is a good question to ask if boxing burns belly fat.

For many of us, losing weight is a simple case of burning more calories than we take in. For others, losing weight is extremely difficult. However, whatever side you’re on – burning belly fat is not as simple as this.

Targeting a specific area of your body that you would like to lose fat from is not an easy thing to achieve and some health professionals believe you can’t specifically target an area of your body to do so.

So, what’s the truth? Today, we’re going to examine if boxing can burn belly fat. Ring the bell, let’s get started.

Understanding Fat

Understanding Fat

The storage of fat on our bodies is due to intaking more calories than we burn off. The daily calorie intake recommended by health experts differs depending on age, weight and gender but the principle is the same.

All foods have a caloric value, and generally the “bad foods” have a higher caloric value than the “good foods”. So, you can typically expect a candy bar to be higher in calories than a carrot.

When we take in more calories, the energy it provides is stored as fat on our bodies. Aside from being unsightly, the risks in having a higher level of body fat are unquestionable. These include diabetes, heart disease, gout, high blood pressure and a lower lung capacity.

The way we lose weight generally is by burning this fat off through caloric deficit. This means burning off more calories than we take in. For people who are overweight with a lot of belly fat, this can be very difficult. It involves a total lifestyle change such as a new, healthy diet and a regular exercise regime.

A consistent healthy diet can be achieved after some experience and the same goes for exercise – some of us do need help though such as a dietician or personal trainer.

Boxing has a lot of principles and one of these is a healthy diet and regular exercise. By choosing boxing as an exercise and following this principle – you will not only burn more calories than you intake, but you’ll find it easier to maintain this lifestyle.

Calories are burned throughout the day anyway and the amount can differ due to the amount of exercise and the body’s metabolism. However, calories are burned quicker and in larger quantities by participating in exercises that increase the heart rate, make you sweat and get you out of breath.

This is because after fat is oxidized – it is excreted through carbon dioxide (that you breath out) and the rest is converted into water – which you sweat out.

So, it would be safe to say that exercise – including boxing – is a great way to lose weight and therefore belly fat.

How Does Boxing Help You Lose Weight?

How Does Boxing Help You Lose Weight

The answer to this lies a lot in the training that boxers go through. Some strength exercises include push ups, squats, burpees, pull ups and sometimes weight training.

It has been suggested that this form of training is better to burn fat and lose weight because the recovery time is longer and you continue to burn calories for longer, even after the training is complete.

Boxers also do cardio training including jogging, jump-rope, footwork exercises, punching the bag and plenty more. Working not only the core, but the body as a whole with these exercises is a great way to burn excess calories.

Some people decide to take up boxercising as a form of regular exercise due to its benefits. It’s a great way to burn calories without taking any punches to the face. One type of training involved in boxercising is HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Some experts believe this is one of the best ways to lose weight. It involves short bursts of full, intense training and then slowing down and then back to the bursts of energy. This generally leads to more oxygen being intaken and therefore more carbon dioxide being excreted – along with plenty of sweating!

Can You Target Belly Fat?

Most experts say no. The best thing to do is to lose weight, and by doing so – you will lose belly fat in the process. Depending on your size to begin with, you may end up with excess skin which may require surgical intervention – but you’ll still reap the health benefits of losing all that body fat which is surrounding your major organs (along with looking way better!).

Although you can’t target belly fat to lose, you can target an area to tone – which could make the area look better. For example, you could do abs training. Of course, all results will depend on you – intensity of training, duration of training, your diet, your age, gender and starting size. Targeting your abs will involve training such as crunches, sit ups, planking and barbell squats.

Other Tips For Losing Weight

Researchers believe that a low-carbohydrate diet with intense exercise and plenty of protein is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Carbohydrates provide a form of slow burning energy and you’re likely to store this as fat for longer. You may have heard that marathon runners eat a high carbohydrate meal the night before their run – this is specifically why.

It’s good to think of a good diet plan rather than counting calories. Although caloric deficit is the most important thing in weight loss, the quality of food in your body is also crucial in your overall health. Sticking to foods high in protein which benefit your training is the best idea. These include vegetables and healthy meat.

In Summary

Losing belly fat is not simple and it is not possible to simply do exercises that target belly fat. Instead, opt to lose weight and generally change your lifestyle – which boxing will seriously promote through its principles and beneficial training.


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