Can You Wash Boxing Wraps

Can You Wash Boxing Wraps?

If you are new to boxing, then you have probably been told to get a pair of boxing wraps.

Boxing wraps are a super important part of boxing, and are as iconic as punching gloves themselves, but not a lot of people know what they do and how to take care of their own pair of boxing wraps.

And even if you do own a pair of boxing wraps – can you wash them, or do you have to let the sweat and smell build up until you have to throw them away and get a new pair?

Here, all of your questions about boxing wraps are answered. Read below to find out how boxing wraps keep you safe and if you can wash them for reuse!

What Are Boxing Wraps

Boxing wraps (also known as hand wraps) are a vital part of your boxing equipment. It is incredibly important to make sure you wear wraps while boxing as they protect your hands. As a boxer, your hands are your weapons that you use to strike your opponent – without properly supported and protected hands, you could end up injuring yourself and have to pause training for an indefinite amount of time.

Boxing wraps hold your hands together and provide support to your fingers, knuckles, wrists, and the entire hand itself. This support helps prevent the fragile joints and delicate bones in your hands from breaking from the impact of punches.

However, they don’t protect your knuckles from the impact of punches as the wraps don’t have the foam needed to absorb the shock of a punch so your hands don’t. Boxing gloves can protect knuckles, but boxing  wraps don’t.

Boxing gloves are wrapped around your hands to fasten your joints together, so the shock is better distributed across your hand. By binding your hands, your joints can’t move independently when you strike an opponent or punching bag. If they do, you could suffer a serious fracture.

There are two main types of boxing wraps available to boxers, both with their own benefits. The first type is professional wraps and are most commonly used by professional boxers. Professional wraps are made using layers of tape and thin gauze.

The second kind of wraps are training wraps – these are either stretchy for a tighter fit around the hand or are non-stretch and are usually made from a thicker material. Whichever kind you use, both types are designed to protect your hands when you are boxing and which one you choose to use is down to what kind of fit you prefer.

You should wear boxing wraps whenever you box and train – especially when you are practicing your punches and striking with your hands. If you get into the habit of wrapping your hands every time you train (even if you aren’t using your hands) then you will get more used to the feeling of wearing wraps and they will become more comfortable in time.

Can You Wash Boxing Wraps?

Can You Wash Boxing Wraps

Yes – your boxing wraps can be washed and reused. This saves you having to buy new hand wraps after every use and will save you a lot of money because you should really use boxing wraps every time you box.

However, it is still recommended that you have more than one set of wraps and rotate them. This is because some wraps can take a while to dry and if you box frequently, you will want to have a nice pair of dry hand wraps the next time you box.

Never use wet wraps as this will help bacteria to spread, making your wraps stink and pose a potential health risk against you. Owning more than one set of wraps means that you will always have a dry pair ready to use the next time you box.  

How To Wash Your Boxing Wraps

Washing your boxing wraps is a really easy task. Some wraps can be thrown into the washer with your regular clothes (as long as they are in a garment bag so they don’t get thrown about and ruined), and then thrown in the dryer as well. If your wraps have velcro ends, make sure that you also seal the velcro so the ends don’t weaken in the wash.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable washing your boxing wraps in a washer or you are afraid that drying your boxing wraps in a dryer may shrink or damage them, then you can always wash your wraps by hand.

All you need to wash your boxing wraps by hand is some warm water and some laundry soap in a basin. Dip your wraps in and let them soak for a few hours. Usually, you should only need to soak them for about 2 or 3 hours. This should be long enough for the soap to disinfect your boxing wraps.

Once your boxing wraps are clean, you will need to let them dry before you can use them again. If you are not in a rush, then it is probably best to let your boxing wraps air dry.

Simply drape your boxing wraps over a hanger and hang them up somewhere to dry. They should take about 1-3 hours to dry completely, and remember to let them dry hanging so they won’t crease or fold.


And that is everything you need to know about boxing wraps!

Because they are such an important part of boxing, and are so useful and help keep you safe from injuries, then it is vital that you know how to take care of your boxing wraps properly. Choosing not to wear them or by washing them inappropriately, you may end up damaging yourself.

If you do constantly use boxing wraps, then it is just as important to remember to wash them. This way you won’t let bacteria spread over your hands during boxing, keeping yourself protected from both injuries and illness.

To clean your wraps, you can either wash them in a washer or in a basin with some warm water and some laundry soap. Either way should be fine, but it is highly recommended that you let your wraps dry by hanging them up for 1-3 hours. Remember to take good care of your boxing wraps as they are made to keep you in shape, so it’s important to do the same back.


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