25 Best Boxing Shoes & Buyers Guide

Having the right boxing shoes is extremely important if you want to perform well in the ring. A good pair of boxing shoes will improve your footwork and reduce the risk of you sustaining an injury, allowing you to achieve your full potential.

When it comes to choosing your boxing shoes, there are a lot of products available to you. It can be overwhelming, as there are so many brands and styles to choose from. To make this easier for you, we have put together a list of the 25 best boxing shoes available to buy on Amazon.

We have included a variety of products which meet different requirements, so you will definitely find something suitable on this list. We have also included a handy buyers guide to help you narrow down your choice. Keep reading to find your next pair of boxing shoes. 


Nike Men's Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes (9.5 M US, Black/Black/White)

These Nike wrestling shoes are made from suede with breathable mesh. This is the perfect combination of comfort, stability and ventilation which makes these shoes ideal for boxing and other combat sports.

The gum rubber outsoles allow you to grip the floor or the mat, providing reliable traction. The shoes also have an EVA sock liner for additional cushioning. You can choose from black and white, or platinum and grey camouflage. 


adidas Men's Combat Speed.5, Black/Silver Metallic/Black, 10.5 M US

The Adidas combat speed 5 shoes are made from a combination of synthetic textiles and leather. The uppers are made from breathable mesh to allow air to flow through the shoe, with synthetic suede and leather overlays to give the shoe a good structure.

The sole is made of rubber and leather for grip and durability. The shoes are secured with lace and have an additional ankle strap to keep them secure on your feet.

There are 9 color options to choose from including black and silver, red white and blue, and red and black. 


Reebok Men's RCF Lite TR Training Shoe, Black/Flat Grey, 8 M US

These Reebok crossfit training shoes are perfect for combat sports including boxing. They are made from synthetic textiles with a rubber sole that has excellent traction and a textured outsole for additional grip.

They have a high top design for great ankle support and a mesh tongue for breathability. The tongue is also padded for extra comfort. There are 13 different designs available including an all black option, black and yellow, black and white, and gray and orange. 


DRON TOOON Mens High Top Boxing Shoes Breathable Non-Slip Boxing Wrestling Shoes for Men Women Sport Athletic Casual Shoe Black-Gold

These boxing shoes have a non-slip rubber sole so you can move dynamically around the ring with great traction. The uppers of the shoes are made from flexible material to allow you a full range of movement, including pinpoint pivots and sharp turns.

The breathable mesh lets air flow around the shoe, helping your feet to stay cool and dry as you train. The high top design keeps your ankles well supported as you perform powerful movements.

There are three color choices- black and gold, blue and white, or red and white. They all have an eye-catching design which is very fashionable. 


Jordan Mens Air Jordan 1 Mid 554724 132 - Size 10.5

These shoes were not designed specifically for boxing, but they are great for wearing during combat sports. The high top style of the shoe provides the necessary ankle support for boxing, and the textured sole creates grip and traction.

The uppers have perforated holes to allow air to flow in and out of the shoe, keeping your feet cool and comfortable. There are 20 designs to choose from so you will definitely find a pair that suits your style and matches the rest of your boxing clothing. 


Title Speed-Flex Encore Tall Boxing Shoes

The speed flex encore boxing shoes from Title have an extra tall design to keep your ankle supported and aligned as you fight or train. They are designed to help you remain light on your feet so you can execute speedy footwork.

The uppers of the shoes are made from synthetic leather, with a durable tight weave nylon fill. The soles are made from polyurethane which has been sculpted to provide good grip.

The shoes have a black and white design which will go well with lots of different workout and boxing clothing. 


Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes for Men & Women - Black, 6 Men/7.5 Women

The Hayabusa Pro boxing shoes are suitable for both men and women, and they come in four different colors- black, black and white, blue, and red. The soles are flexible with a grooved pattern to give you traction as you move around the ring.

The custom toe creases also allow you to achieve a full range of movement so you can carry out pinpoint pivots and control your body weight. This means that you can throw powerful punches and remain controlled.

The shoes are lightweight which allows you to perform at your best without being weighed down.

These shoes have a mid height design to support your ankles and a cushioned insole which provides your feet with soft padding, making the shoes even more comfortable.

They also benefit from breathable mesh which keeps your feet cool and ventilated as you train. 


Mizuno Men's TC-01 Cross Training Shoe, Cross Training Sneakers for all forms of Exercise, Black-Grey, 11 D US

The Mizuno TC cross trainers are the ultimate lightweight shoes that have a secure and snug fit. The shoes have mesh pores for ventilation to keep your feet cool and stop the build up of sweat inside the shoe.

The solid rubber outsole provides 360 degree grip to help you move around without slipping. These shoes benefit from midsole technology that increases body awareness to improve your balance.

The collar of the foot provides extra support for a snug feel on the foot. There are two colors to choose from- black or gray and yellow. 


ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes, 10.5, Black/Silver

These wrestling shoes from Asics are made from synthetic materials with an ethylene vinyl acetate sole. The sole is flexible yet durable with a textured pattern to provide excellent traction to help you move dynamically without slipping.

The mid top design supports the ankles whilst still allowing for flexible movement. The uppers have mesh inserts to ensure that the shoes are breathable. This helps your feet to stay cool and comfortable so you can train for longer.

The EVA sockliner creates extra support and comfort for your foot. These shoes come in 10 colors, including black and champagne, glacier gray and gold, and red and coral. 


Venum Elite Boxing Shoes - Black/Gold - 38,5 (US 5,5)

The uppers of these boxing shoes are made from three materials- polyurethane patent, polyurethane flex, and honeycomb mesh.

This combination provides the shoe with good structure but also allows for ventilation so you can train for long periods of time without overheating. The rubber outsole provides excellent grip allowing you to be stable as you move powerfully around the ring.

The sole is also very durable so can withstand extensive use. The bonded insole prevents your foot from slipping within the shoe. The insole is also anatomically designed to fit the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort.

These shoes have a high top design to support your ankles which helps to reduce the risk of injury. There are five colors to choose from- black, black and gold, black and red, black and silver, and black and white. 


PUMA Womens Eskiva High Metallic High Sneakers Shoes Casual - Silver - Size 8 B

These shoes are made from 100% leather with suede overlays and a rubber sole. The laces ensure a snug fit whilst the perforations on the tongue make the shoes more breathable.

The heel tab makes these shoes easier to get on and off which is helpful as the tall shoes can be tricky to get in and out of. The tall design provides good ankle support. These shoes come in a choice of gold or silver. 


ASICS Kids Snapdown 3 GS, Black/White, 1 Little Kid

If you are looking for great boxing shoes for children then this product is perfect. The underlay is made out of breathable mesh which keeps the shoes well ventilated. This means that the feet stay cool and dry, keeping you comfortable for longer.

The tongue is designed to improve the overall fit of the shoe for extra comfort, whilst the outsole provides great traction to stop the shoes from slipping. The pattern on the sole of the shoe is made from a series or circular shapes for improved grip.

The tongue of these shoes has a shoelace garage to keep the laces concealed. There are four color choices - black, black grey and white, gray green and white, or red white and black. 


Otomix Women's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Lifting MMA & Wrestling Shoes Red 7

These shoes are ideal for boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, bodybuilding, and mixed martial arts. They are extremely durable yet lightweight so you can carry out expert footwork and intensive training without being held back.

The rubber sole has excellent grip and traction whilst retaining flexibility for a good range of movement. The uppers are made from leather and synthetic materials and the shoe has a mid top design with reinforced ankle support.

The tongue if the shoe is extra long for extra comfort. There 6 colors to choose from - black, gray, gray camouflage, red, white, or red white and blue.


adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe, Black/White/Iron Metallic, 11.5

These Adidas wrestling shoes have a low top design for ultimate ankle flexibility. The shoes are made from synthetic leather and suede with mesh underlays for breathability. The rubber sole is textured with lines and circular patterns to create a good grip.

The shoes are secured with laces but there is also an additional ankle strap to keep the shoes in place. There are 12 color options including - classic black and white, red blue and white, blue and yellow, and onyx. 


adidas HVC 2 Youth White/Red/Royal Wrestling Shoes 6

These youth wrestling shoes from Adidas are made from mesh underlays with synthetic leather and suede overlays. The shoes have a good structure and are well ventilated so you will be comfortable and your feet will be cool and dry.

This means you can train for longer. These shoes have a low top design which allows for flexibility of the ankle joint, but the elastic ankle strap provides support and helps to keep the shoes securely in place.

You won’t be weighed down by these lightweight shoes as you move around the ring. 


Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes - Size 6 Grey/Red

These Everlast boxing shoes have a low top design and similar shape to a classic sporty trainer. This hybrid design allows them to be used both in the ring and in the gym, for both boxing and training.

The rubber sole has brilliant traction and support, as well as flexibility to allow for a full range of movement. The tread is designed to optimize side to side movement so you can carry out nimble footwork and move around the ring.

The mesh uppers keep the shoes well ventilated which allows you to regulate your temperature as you train. These shoes come in two colors -grey and red, or black and gold. 


Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes, 11, Black

The Ringside Diablo boxing shoes have a modern design. This high performance footwear will help you to achieve your full potential in the ring. The low top design supports the ankle without reducing flexibility.

The shoes are made from breathable nylon mesh with patent leather vinyl overlays. This makes the shoes strong, but also ensures that they are ventilated so you can train for long periods of time without your feet overheating or getting too sweaty.

The non-slip rubber sole keeps you safe in the ring by giving you good traction. There are four designs - black, blue, red and white.


adidas Unisex Hog 3 Boxing Shoe, White/Black/Solar Red, 9.5 US Men

These boxing shoes from Adidas are suitable for men and women. They have a tall design with great ankle support and are lightweight weighing only 304 grams. These shoes were created to allow you to be agile in the ring.

The EVA midsole provides lightweight cushioning for your feet. The shoes have a rubber sole with excellent grip and an abrasion resistant toe cap which makes the shoes more durable and protects your feet.

Rather than having mesh underlays and synthetic overlays, these shoes are made from breathable mesh with inner reinforcements to create a good structure for the shoe.

This means that the shoes are very well ventilated so you can have long and intensive training sessions without overheating. There are 9 colors to choose from including red, blue and white, and black white and gold. 


adidas Men's Tech Fall 2.0 Wrestling Shoe, Chalk White/Black/Gum, 9

These wrestling shoes are made from breathable mesh with synthetic suede overlays around the bottom of the shoe for extra support. The amount of mesh on these shoes means that you will be able to regulate your temperature while you train for long periods of time.

The rubber soles wrap around the sides of the shoe to provide 360 grip and the textured pattern ensures excellent traction as you move around the ring. Whilst the shoes were designed for wrestling, they can also be used for boxing and other combat sports.

The low top design gives the ankles some support whilst allowing flexibility. You can choose from 8 colors including red and white, blue and white, or white and gold. 


TITLE BOXING Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes, Red, 11

These high top boxing shoes have a very classic aesthetic. The uppers are made from synthetic leather with a tight weave nylon fill. They are designed to support agile movement, light footwork and speed.

They are secured with laces and have a comfortable padded tongue. These shoes come in 8 colors including red, blue, and white. These shoes are durable yet extremely comfortable. 


Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes, 10, Black

The Ringside undefeated boxing shoes have a tall design for maximum ankle support. The non slip rubber sole will keep you safe in the ring by providing reliable traction. This will let you perform powerful movements without falling or getting injured.

The shape of these shoes is designed for comfort. The breathable nylon mesh underlays keep the shoes well ventilated so your feet stay cool and sweat doesn’t build up inside the shoes.

The patent leather vinyl overlays which are durable but also add to the style of the shoes. These shoes look great in both color options - black and white. 


FISTRAGE Leather High Top Kick Boxing Shoes Fighting Sports Master Training Mesh Unisex Pro Men's and Youth Genuine Boot Light Weight | Black Color Boxing Shoes for Adults (Black Low-Top, 42)

These high top boxing shoes are made from genuine leather. The shape of the shoe provides ankle support and the additional ankle strap keeps the shoes secure and the ankles aligned.

These shoes have mesh material included in the upper to ensure that the shoes are breathable, allowing air to flow in and out of the shoe. This creates a more comfortable and healthy environment for your feet.

The polyurethane sole is flexible, durable, and offers great traction. This allows you to be agile and safe in the ring. The outsole is made from gum rubber for even better grip.

These shoes also benefit from reinforced heel cushioning which adds extra stability and helps to prevent you from sustaining an injury. The design of these shoes is red and black and they are also available in a high top design. 


Otomix Men's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Lifting MMA & Wrestling Shoes Yellow 9.5

These shoes are made from synthetic leather which is lightweight and durable. The thin rubber soles are strong and ensure that you will have good grip in the ring. This allows you to perform dynamic movements without risking injury.

These shoes have a high top design with extra ankle support. These shoes are perfect for multiple activities including wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, weight lifting and bodybuilding. There are 10 design choices including yellow, red camouflage, and gray. 


Core Wrestling Shoes - High Traction Combat Sport Footwear - Durable Shoes for Wrestlers, Weightlifting Training - Nordic Style Combat Footwear, Athletic Equipment, Lightweight Gym Shoes Black

These shoes are designed specifically for combat sports. They have a mid top design which offers good ankle support and the additional ankle strap keeps the shoes securely in place and the ankle aligned, reducing the risk of injury.

The shoes have a black design with a white and tan sole. The sole is made out of rubber for excellent traction, and the soles are raised for better lateral movement. These shoes are stable and have a snug fit whilst feeling lightweight. 


ASICS Men's JB Elite(tm) True Red/Olympic Gold/White Sneaker 12 D - Medium,12 M US/46 EU

These shoes are made from 100% synthetic materials. The textured pattern on the sole provides good grip. The mid top design supports the ankles without reducing flexibility.

This allows you to retain a good range of movement so you can carry out dynamic footwork. The tongue is padded for additional comfort. There are mesh inserts on the upper to keep the shoes well ventilated. 

Buyers Guide

Now that you know which products are available to you, it is time to choose which one is going to meet your needs. There are a few things you need to consider to help you make your choice.

25 Best Boxing Shoes & Buyers Guide

The first thing you need to think about is how much ankle support you need. Boxing shoes can be low top, mid top, high top or tall in design. The tall shoes go up as far as half or two thirds of the way up your calf.

Having ankle support can help to keep your joint in the right alignment which helps to prevent injury. However, it can also reduce mobility and flexibility of the joint so it depends on your fighting style and what kind of movements you will be performing in the shoes.

You can also get additional ankle support from an ankle strap, often made of elastic and velcro.

Once you have decided which style of shoes you need based on the ankle support, you should consider whether you want your boxing shoes to be made of genuine leather or synthetic materials.

There is no straightforward answer as to whether leather is better than synthetic leather- it comes down to personal preference. Genuine leather is soft but it can be difficult to maintain.

Synthetic leather is often very durable and more lightweight than real leather. Some boxing shoes also have synthetic suede overlays to improve the structure of the shoe.

The next thing you need to think about is what you will be doing in the shoes and how durable you need them to be. There is a certain amount of compromise when it comes to breathability and durability.

Some of the boxing shoes on the list are made of predominantly breathable mesh material which means they have excellent ventilation. Your feet will stay cooler and drier.

However, this mesh is not very durable and is susceptible to scuffing and even earring if you intend to use the shoes regularly for intensive training and sparring.

If you choose a more durable shoe made mostly from synthetic leather with some mesh panels, the shoe will still have some ventilation but will be more sturdy and durable.

It is important that whatever shoe you choose has some level of ventilation, as your feet will get warm as you train and they will sweat. If air is able to flow through the shoe then you will be able to regulate your temperature.

Another very important aspect of boxing shoes is the sole. It should be durable yet flexible, so it can withstand intensive training as well as allowing you to carry out a good range of movement.

A big part of boxing is footwork- during a match you need to be light on your feet and constantly moving. You will also need to perform dynamic and powerful movements along with smaller, controlled movements.

You will want to do all of this without slipping. If the sole has good traction it will keep you safer and help to reduce the risk of you sustaining an injury.


This list of boxing shoes includes various brands and a choice of different styles and materials. Whether you are looking for traditional boxing shoes, training shoes, or shoes that can be used for several different combat sports, you will find something that meets your needs on this list.

If you are having trouble narrowing down your choice then consider our advice in the buyers guide.