10 Best Womens Boxing Gloves

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of boxing gloves. One of those is buying the right type of boxing glove for your hand.

Even though we like to think there are not many differences between men and women, there actually are - one being hand size.

To be able to box efficiently, whether that is in training, the gym or in the ring, you need to wear a glove that fits comfortably. If you do not, you risk straining your wrist and not boxing to the best of your ability. It will likely hold you back from progressing!

When it comes to women’s boxing gloves, they have been created to fit a smaller hand to enable the wearer to box to the best of her ability. It can be difficult to know which one is right, due to the sheer amount of them available to purchase.

Fear not, we have put together the ultimate list for finding the perfect pair of women’s boxing gloves.


The Ruckus boxing gloves have been specifically designed for the female hand, though as it states, men can wear them too - especially if you have smaller hands.

They recommend choosing women’s gloves due to the different length vs width proportions of the female hand, with these gloves having the perfect ratio for a more comfortable fit.

Even though some may not care about what the gloves look like, for those who are style conscious, these gloves were designed in NYC’s Fashion District to give them that extra edge.

They feature a metallic shimmer and come in three shades of color - pink, gold and blue, but they are all two toned, for example, pink and white.

They are made from vegan leather, with a triple layer dense flypad foam padding for protection and a good hit. The light yet snug padding means you will be able to hit combos faster. 


  • They look great - a good option if you want something stylish and practical
  • Lightweight padding - that helps you hit combos faster
  • Engineered for women - specially designed to fit the female hand and wrist
  • Vegan - completely vegan friendly with faux leather material


  • Not for heavy boxing - the padding may be too lightweight, therefore ideal for training and other gloved workouts


For those who do not want pink gloves, skip to the next pair, because these are hot pink. Made from 80% polyurethane and 20% polyester, the leather-look gloves are a stylish pair of gloves that are ready to endure a good punch or two.

They include the Everlast Treatment which helps to prevent bad odors, alongside the mesh palm which improves comfort and breathability. 

The curved shape which fits to the hand perfectly has been improved since their last batch of women’s boxing gloves.

The dense two-layer foam has been added to reduce impact to the hands, as well as added padding to the front and back of the wrist to help promote the proper punching technique whether using it during sparring or on a heavy punching bag.


  • Extra padding - for comfort during heavy punching bag workouts or sparring
  • Improved grip - and a comfortable fit for ease when wearing them during training
  • Everlast Treatment - keeps the gloves fresh throughout each use


  • Only available in two sizes - 12oz or 14oz, so less variety of sizes


If you are looking for gloves that look kinda cute and have extra shock absorption, then these are it. The floral exterior gives the gloves a unique style, but the overall black color does not make it too feminine if that is not what you are after.

However, the pattern has been known to fade, but this will only show people how much you box!

The EVA Lution sheet is combined with a Supremo Shock foam that provides the hand with advanced protection during impact. The DENZO-TRON foam also provides extra impact-resistance, helping to absorb the shock. 

The double stitching prevents the glove from falling apart whilst using it, and the strategically placed perforations means that it can wick all the sweat away whilst keeping your palms ventilated. This should help with odor control too!

Also, the nylon piping that has been placed at the cuff helps to prevent any possible chafing that may occur there, so it will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


  • Extra protection - because of layers of shock absorbent material
  • Stylish - floral pattern for those who like fashion
  • Made for women - fits great on the hand because of its design


  • Outer pattern has been known to fade - though it just shows how often you use the gloves, which can only be a good thing!


Created for both the beginner and advanced boxer, the Liberlupus boxing gloves are great for both men and women.

Even though this pair of gloves have not been specifically designed for the female hand, it still fits the hand really well with its curved design and secure fit around the wrist.

The gloves have multi-layers of thick, shock absorbing material alongside foam padding to protect the hand. The breathable mesh ensures you stay cool and dry. The nylon liner is not only comfortable but helps to wick away any sweat.

The full wrap around wrist strap has a hook-and-eye loop closure to make sure it stays fastened and secure. It will not slip off during use due to this no-slip fastener. 

The boxing gloves can also be easily cared for by just wiping them down with a wet towel. No need to wonder if they will go in the washing machine!


  • Shock absorbing material - layers of foam padding ensures a comfortable fit and no strain
  • Secure wrist fastener - means it will not slip off the hand during use
  • Breathable mesh layer - to avoid bad odor and sweat build-up


  • Not made specifically for women - the fit may not be as perfect as you would like


The Sanabul features a narrower silhouette to adhere to the shape of a woman’s wrist and hand for better comfort and support. 

The eye-catching pastel colors of blue, pink and purple can only be found within this brand, but also give your workout look something unique.

The gloves also have a matte-look and overall sleek design for that one of a kind style of glove. You will certainly stand out in the gym with these!

The gloves include premium padding and lining to ensure your hands are fully protected during use. The only downside to their unique shape is that they may not feel comfortable for those who have longer fingers.


  • Unique colors - gives you options
  • Narrow shape - to fit a woman’s hand better
  • Premium padding - to ensure your hands are protected


  • May not suit long hands - snug for the average female hand, but if you have longer fingers, they may not fit correctly


The Lorpect may be a unisex glove, but it is most certainly tailered more towards women and children. With its full white color and pink text, it will stand out in a boxing ring yet still look sleek. 

With a decade of research behind the brand, the gloves have an interior fabric that is not only comfortable, but also keeps the hand cool by helping to regulate the temperature.

The interlocking velcro straps adjust to fit your wrist to make sure it does not slip away during use.

Both the wrist strap and the splinting system of the glove help to keep the wrist aligned with each punch thrown. This means it locks the wrist in place to prevent you from having an injury during the punch.

The premium foam absorbs shock on impact making sure to keep those knuckles protected and ready for another round of punches.

Because they are a unisex glove, they might feel a little bulky, but this should not put you off from using them.


  • Unisex - fits the hand of both men and women
  • Protection - has premium foam to protect the knuckles
  • Interlocking wrist design - helps to keep the gloves in place


  • May feel bulky - due to being unisex, though this is not a big deal


The durable PU leather makes this a great option for those who want comfort and style. With brand lettering and a bright color, it is suitable for the boxer who cares about what their gloves look like.

Not only that, the curved grip design and three layers of foam with its extra elasticity will help you to throw faster and powerful punches. 

The glove is breathable and easy to clean, which helps to limit odor. The mesh interior keeps the hands ventilated, therefore keeping the sweat and odor under control.

The widened wristband is extra thick and extra long making them easy to put on and take off, but also to add extra protection.  

The brand also includes the option of a free refund if need be. We do not always like what we purchase, afterall!

The gloves however, are unisex and may feel too clunky on a woman’s hand. Just like we have stated before, this should not affect how you box, and really is all down to preference. 


  • Widened wristband - for extra protection
  • Durable PU leather - for extra comfort and style
  • Free refund - money back guarantee if they do not suit you


  • Quite big - and may not suit smaller hands


Another unisex pair of gloves, the FILA boxing gloves have an understated style with its all white color and small branding. 

The high-quality construction along with its reinforced stitching give the gloves great durability. The multi-density foam is perfect for the punching bag or in the ring. It provides the gloves with great shock absorption to protect your hands.

A professional-grade breathable mesh keeps those hands in check and the pre-curved design makes sure you punch with the proper form. 

The easy to adjust wrist strap allows for a customized fit to ensure the gloves stay on the wrist and do not slip off.

They do seem more beginner friendly however, so if you want something that will take heavy use, look at the rest of the list.


  • Understated style - less in-your-face and more ‘will not stand out in a crowd’ sort of look
  • Breathable - will keep those hands sweat free
  • Durable - will withstand a good workout


  • Great for beginners - so if you want something a little more durable than these, then look at the rest of the list


No list is complete without a pair of Everlast gloves. The pro style unisex gloves are a baby pink affair along with its white trim. The shiny synthetic leather completes the overall look of the gloves.

The gloves have an updated Evershield design for advanced wrist protection to ensure you avoid any injuries. It also includes a hook-and-loop closure to fit different wrist sizes to make sure it does not become loose, or that the glove will not slip away from the hand.

The full mesh palms allow for the hand to breathe, and gives the wearer extra comfort knowing that their hands are not full of sweat. This also helps with odor control.

The curved grip design helps with the correct hand posture when punching. This means the wearer is able to avoid injury of the hand and wrist. 

A lot of gloves are pink for women (though it is a nice color for both sexes), however sometimes you just do not like the color and want something different. If that is the case, look at the rest of the list for some options.


  • Evershield design - advanced protection for the wrist
  • Curved grip - for better hand posture
  • Hook-and-loop closure - to make sure the glove does not slip during use


  • Pink - if you want another color, then look at the rest of the list 


Made of synthetic leather, the injected molded gloves are perfect for female hands. The size of both the hand area itself and the wrist have been specifically created to fit a woman’s hand allowing extra comfort and ease of use.

In fact, they have been made for women by women.

The high density foam adds that layer of protection during heavy use, meaning you can avoid injury to the knuckles. 

The wrist closure has been created to fit all wrist sizes, and enables the glove to stay in place without any worries of it slipping whilst mid-punch. Nobody wants that!

The glove does include sayings such as ‘But did you die?’, ‘Sorry not sorry’ and ‘The future is female’ which may not be to everyone’s taste, though it does add something a little different to a pair of boxing gloves.


  • Made for women by women - and who knows a woman’s hand best? Women!
  • High density foam - for extra protection
  • Wrist closure - fits all wrists to avoid any slipping mid-punch


  • Quotes - on each glove which may not be to everyone’s taste


10 Best Womens Boxing Gloves

Now that we have discussed the ten best boxing gloves suitable for women, no doubt you will have finally found the perfect pair of boxing gloves to use during your next training session.

Whether it is the style or how it fits, just make sure they are comfortable enough so you can box to the best of your ability. Happy boxing!