10 Best White Boxing Gloves

When you are looking for your own pair of boxing gloves, you obviously want to focus on the gloves’ features and safety precautions so you can feel comfortable and safe while you box.

While these must-have features go without saying, there is one aspect of a boxing glove that often goes overlooked but is vitally important: the color.

The appearance of your boxing glove makes just as much of an impact on a potential buyer as any of these other features, and the color of the glove is what stands out the most about a glove’s appearance. 

Wearing white boxing gloves will definitely make you stand out amongst all the other boxes. White gloves look stylish and expensive, so why would you want any other color? If you want to find the best boxing gloves available in white, then here are our top ten picks.


Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women Training Pro Punching Heavy Bag Mitts MMA Muay Thai Sparring Kickboxing Gloves (White, 14 oz)

This fantastic pair of boxing gloves come in a stunning white color with golden accents, so they look as amazing as they feel to use. 

Hawk’s boxing gloves are made of premium synthetic leather and are padded for max resistance. They absorb any impact shock to protect the knuckle side from any possible damage and have a thumb lock feature for added safety.

These safety features mean that you can box with confidence. The only downside is that the extra paddings means it can take a little longer to break these gloves in, but the extra protection is worth it.

For efficient breathability, these gloves also feature anti-perspiration holes that offer better hygiene by reducing odors from bacteria and moisture - so no embarrassing conversations about how your gloves smell. 

All in all, these gloves look great and go the extra mile when it comes to comfort and safety. With Hawk’s boxing gloves, not only will you look awesome while in the ring, you will feel awesome too. 


  • Made from premium materials
  • Extra padded for shock absorption
  • Anti-perspiration holes for reducing sweaty odors


  • Can take a while to get in and feel completely comfortable


Best Boxing & Kick Boxing Gloves for Men and Women, Training & Sparring Gloves for Pro Fighters, Complimentary Hand Wraps and Mesh Bag (14, Black on White)

When you are looking for a sturdy pair of gloves that come in a stunning white color, look no further than Elite boxing gloves. 

These boxing gloves are made with high quality leather, making for a snug fit that is not uncomfortable. For further comfort, Elite make their boxing gloves to be lightweight without compromising durability and resilience against impact.

These gloves are incredibly comfortable to wear - and what’s even more, these gloves utilize a layer of cooling mesh that allows your hands to stay dry when working up a sweat during your training.

Dry hands mean that your gloves won’t smell due to bacteria building upside, so you won’t feel any shame donning these at the gym. 

The only negative to these sleek gloves is that the velcro closure wrist strap can sometimes become loose, meaning that there could be times when your gloves may not feel as snug as they should.

Check which size boxing glove is best for you before purchasing so you don’t end up with a size that is slightly too big. 


  • Ventilation for easy cooling
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Loose straps can be a safety hazard


Dtown Boxing Gloves for Women Men 12OZ Training Gloves Youth Kickboxing for MMA, Punching Bag Gloves, Muay Thai

These boxing gloves are sure to tempt you to buy them through their design alone. These boxing gloves feature a cool skull and rose design in gold against a pristine white material, making these Dtown’s boxing gloves a stand out in design and appearance. 

But these gloves just aren’t all style and looks - they bring plenty of protection and support to the table too.

Dtown utilizes premium foam technology to give your knuckles absolute protection, absorbing impact and dispersing energy so your risk of injury is reduced greatly. So don’t pull those punches - box to the best of your ability, as these gloves won’t hold you back.

For even more safety and support, these boxing gloves come with a long solid cuff around the wrists which allow you to block punches without risking injury to yourself. 

So if you do decide to invest in these unique boxing gloves, make sure you air them out for a couple of days first - some customers have complained about these gloves coming with an odd odor when first opened. 


  • Unique design and appearance   
  • Good knuckle protection 
  • Strong wrist support 


  • Odd smell when first opened


Ringside Pro Style Boxing Training Gloves Kickboxing Muay Thai Gel Sparring Punching Bag Mitts, Large/X-Large, White

For a pair of boxing gloves that are great for working out and training, Ringside delivers once again with their pair of Pro Boxing Gloves. 

These boxing gloves are made from faux leather and provide a lot of protection for a pair of boxing gloves that are also so affordable.

There is a full wrap around hood and loop closure, with an attached thumb for extra safety precaution so you can start boxing without pulling your punches.

Ringside utilize molded protective foam (MPF) to create a padding system that has increased hand and wrist protection, keeping you newbies safe from injuries as you build confidence.

These gloves are perfect for beginners, but are not recommended for pro boxers.

Some customers have complained about tearing seams when going all out on a punching bag so the stronger you get, the more likely you will want to upgrade to a tougher kind of boxing glove.

But for those just starting out or do light boxing as a way to keep fit, then these affordable gloves are the ones for you.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Padded layers made with MPF for extra protection
  • Perfect for beginners 


  • Not strong enough for long-time pro boxers


Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves - White - 14-Ounce

For a stylish pair of boxing gloves, you will want to look into Venum’s boxing glove range. Their Challenger 2.0 comes in white with the option of two different accent colors - gold, and black. Both look amazing and have a stand out design. 

But does Venum bring the quality needed to box without restraint?

Well, some people have found that the stitching wears away easily on some of their Venum boxing gloves, but many claim to have found the gloves comfortable and supportive.

If you box for cardio and weight loss, then these gloves are perfect for you.

They are made with a breathable interior mesh that keeps your hands dry during your workout, and have a large velcro enclosure with an elastic loop so the fit can be customized to your size. This means that you can exercise in absolute comfort.


  • Great for those who box for cardio and weight loss
  • Breathable materials reduces sweaty smell build up
  • Adjustable velcro enclosure for the perfect fit


  • Stitching can wear away if used excessively and punches are thrown hard


Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women - White, 16 oz

If you ask a boxer which brand of boxing glove they would recommend, then they will probably tell you to go with Hayabusa. 

Hayabusa makes boxing gloves that are tailored for a perfect fit for boxers, using a grip bar and thumb position to ensure proper fit closure and alignment, so you can throw your punches without feeling restricted.

However, if you have especially large hands, it is best to size up or try a different brand as the added protection can make these gloves too snug for those with larger hands. 

However, the Hayabusa S4 gloves are well loved by boxers across the States, and provide excellent support.

These gloves have a single strap and splinted wrist support that works together to deliver a secure fit that protects against risky and damaging bends in your hand. The padded knuckle also provides extra support, cushioning them as you go in for the knock-out. 


  • Tailored gloves for a snug fit
  • Excellent wrist support 
  • Padded knuckle protection. 


  • Snug fit may be too snug for those with large hands


Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves, White, 12 oz

Another brand that crops up often in the boxing world is Everlast. 

Everlast are known for making their gloves with premium materials, including high quality synthetic leather that is durable and resilient when striking.

Combined with the excellent design of this boxing glove, and you have a pair of gloves that are specifically constructed to be long lasting.

Not only that but the mesh palm ensures breathability, meaning that they won’t be stinking up the gym after a couple of workouts, and is a comfortable fit for your hands. Wearing the Everlast Elite Pro Style boxing gloves makes throwing punches a breeze. 

However, these gloves are designed with half straps at the wrists, meaning that better wrist support can be found elsewhere with other competitors.


  • Made from quality materials
  • Breathability means less smell build up
  • Comfortable fit


  • Half wrists straps don’t provide much support


Athllete Training Boxing Gloves (Black/White, 8 oz)

This pair of amazing boxing gloves are courtesy of Athllete, a company that designs the perfect gloves for mixed martial arts including boxing - and boy, do they do the job they were made to do.

These gloves are stunning in white but also provide proper support and ease of use. The foam padding is a great shock absorber to protect your knuckles from damage when striking.

The velcro wrist closure is a secure fit for excellent wrist support, and is also easy to slip on and off. However, the long forearm slit that helps with this ease of use does come all the way up to the bottom of your palm.

This can be a little off-putting for some boxers but this design feature does not compromise its safety. 

These boxing gloves are great to use and provide all the comfort and support a boxing glove should - and as an added bonus, they look amazing in a near total white design. 


  • Foam padding for shock absorption
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Excellent wrist support with sturdy velcro wrist closure


  • Design slit for ease of use can be a little off putting as it comes so high up the forearm


adidas Boxing Gloves - Speed 50 Boxing & Kickboxing - Boxing Gloves Women / Boxing Gloves for Men - Boxing Equipment (14 Oz, White/Gold)

Everyone knows Adidas. They are one of the largest sporting brands out there with their fingers in multiple sport pies. This is for good reason - Adidas creates some of the best sporting equipment and clothing out there, and their boxing gloves are no exception. 

Adidas have created a Speed series of boxing gloves, all of which are available in white and provide a range of different features for boxers. The Speed 50 was the first of this range and has since been improved upon over the years.

However, this does not mean the Speed 50 should be overlooked - it is still a great beginners boxing glove that can help you nail down the basics before you move onto more professional boxing techniques. 

It’s shell is made from an advanced polyurethane leather that is easy to clean and is long lasting. The multi layered foam construction provides ultimate protection for your knuckles, so you can keep delivering quick blows at an amazing speed.

The material is also very lightweight, which is why the Speed 50 is known for allowing boxers to make quick movements without being weighed down.

All in all, these are amazing boxing gloves with the potential for you to keep upgrading as you progress through your boxing training.


  • Lightweight material for quick strikes
  • Sturdy outer shell for long lasting use
  • Good brand reputation 


  • Are base level boxing gloves but more professional versions are available.  


TEKXYZ Bad Kids Series Boxing Gloves 4 OZ, White - Synthetic Leather Kids Boxing Training Gloves with Vivid Color for Boys and Girls Age 3 to 12 Years Old

And finally, if you are looking for some great white boxing gloves for your kids, then you should consider purchasing TEKXYZ’s Bad Kids boxing gloves.

They are one of the leading brands for kids boxing gloves, with multiple sizes available so your kids can start boxing early and carry it through all the way into their teenage years. 

What is so great about these boxing gloves is that they don’t cut back on quality just because they’re being used by kids.

TEKXYZ treats their younger customers the same as they would professional boxers, ensuring that their little boxers have the same amount of protection and safety that they would give professional adults. 

The hook and loop closure on their Bad Kids series makes putting these gloves on and off easy and with little fuss while providing proper wrist support to the wearer.

The gloves are also made from premium synthetic leather for good resistance and feature multi-density foam for great shock absorption. These gloves look and feel like professional boxing gloves but just made smaller to fit kids.

This is what makes them a great choice of boxing gloves to give your kids as a gift.

 The only issue? Well, kids grow fast so don’t be surprised if yours grow out of their boxing gloves really quickly. The protection on these gloves means that they are a tight fit, so there is a chance your kid will need a new pair fairly soon.


  • Great wrist support and protection
  • Easy to put on and off for kids to use
  • High quality feel that makes these gloves similar to professional adult ones


  • Tight fit may mean kids will grow out of them quickly. 

Wrapping Up

10 Best White Boxing Gloves

And that is our list of top ten white boxing gloves - and the right boxing glove for you is surely up there. 

All of the gloves on our list have their different pros and cons: some are designed for exercise while others can take a beating, some are made by big name brands and some are more affordable than others. But despite their differences, they all have one thing in common:

They look amazing in white.