10 Best Reebok Boxing Shoes

Whether you’re a boxing guru and you consider yourself an expert in the field, or you’re new to the sport and are excited to get going, there’s a Reebok boxing shoe for you!

But, with so many options out there, let us narrow it down for you and you’ll be making that final choice by the end of this article.

Boxing has been known as a fantastic sport for coordination, mental wellbeing, physical health and is overall healthy for you’re whole mind and body.

These are all very positive factors that contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle that we want to encourage you along with!

And believe it or not your shoe choice matters as much as the boxing gloves you choose. They work together as a pair, shoes, and gloves.

Let’s say you’ve found the right gloves and they’re the state-of-the-art out there right now, but you lost track of time to buy the right shoes and your first session is starting in a few hours!

You think to yourself, that’s fine I’ll just go out and buy some sneakers and be done with it.

But when you get to your session, you find your feet are sloppy and behind in the routine, and your left wondering why.

The boxing shoes handle just as much of your coordination and the gloves. So, don’t neglect to choose a quality pair that Reebok has ready and waiting for you.


Reebok Men's HIIT Tr Cross Trainer

Best Overall Men’s Boxing Shoe

The Reebok Men’s Cross Trainer is a complete lightweight pair of synthetic and mesh combined shoes that enhance that bounce in your step that a boxer needs.

The rubber sole supports the back of your arch enabling you to emphasize the front of your feet.

This works extremely well for boxing purposes because they give you complete freedom and concentration on your toes to keep that sturdy bounce. No knock-out punches coming your way any time soon.

Go bold or go home right? The reebok cross trainer shoe is clean and has bold graphics that go with anything and make a strong statement on their own.

Not only will you know you’ve got the best shoes for boxing, but your components also will too!

The color choices are endless meaning that there is most definitely a perfect shoe for you in your favorite colorway, or the standard black for a crisp, clean look.

The mixed material used for grip keeps you completely grounded and gives solid traction in every direction and turn you make, leaving this shoe, a strong contender for your final choice.


  • Lightweight - For aiding you in keeping your movements quick
  • Intense Comfort - Effortless wear all day long
  • Bold Colors - Available in a range of colorways


  • Usually True To Size - However possible may need to size up 


Reebok Men's Nano 9 Cross Trainer

Best Unisex Boxing Shoe

If you’re looking for the best “do it all” boxing shoe for all your workouts as well as boxing, this may be the shoe for you!

The durability and diversity of the shoe enable a wide range of workouts to be completed with the most optimum comfort support available.

Let’s say you’ve finished your training session, but want to wind down in the gym on a few machines, usually, you’d have to switch shoes.

Not with the Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer! Save yourself time and effort and wear them for both, it’s that easy.

They’re made in 100% breathable fabric materials that support the health of your feet with added rubber soles that extend your comfort time whilst on the most difficult workouts.

They’re made for complete comfort and performance to enhance your abilities to the max, whilst being available in 31 different colorways so you’ll be spoilt for choice on your boxing shoes.


  • Available In Unisex - Women size down by 1.5 for the same shoe
  • Wide Range - Available in plenty of colors and patterns
  • Ultimate Arch Support - For the best performance


  • May Need To Switch Shoes For Specific Workouts - All around a good shoe for their purpose, but fit better on a bigger arch.


Reebok Men's Nano X Cross Trainer

Best Recycled Sustainable Boxing Shoe

This Reebok Cross-Trainer has high-performance technologies considered to aid you in the most intense workouts, and we know how intense boxing training sessions can be.

Any assistance that can make your exercise easier and smoother is always positive.

Whether sparring or jumping rope, these boxing shoes have got you 100% covered to prevent discomfort or injury.

If you didn’t already think this shoe was a good choice, they’re boosted with recycled materials made to help you crush your workout whilst feeling great too.

The shoe is made with lightweight EVA foam cushioning that provides resilient performance and comfort that will keep your workout going strong.

And who doesn’t love a sustainable choice that not only supports you but supports the environment better too?

Any choice towards saving the planet’s resources is a good choice in our books!


  • Exceptional Design - Stretch that supports maneuvers
  • Recycled - Sustainable shoe that is durable
  • Available In Range Of Colors - Spoilt for choice


  • Thermal Shoe - Personal choice if the shoe is better for outdoor or indoor wear


Reebok Women's HIIT Training Shoe Cross Trainer

Best For Women Boxing Shoe

Need to stay on track with your high-intensity boxing workout without worrying about blisters and friction burns from your shoes?

The Reebok Women’s HIIT Training Shoe may just be the one for you.

We understand that black and monotone aren’t for everyone, so if you’re a colorful person looking for a wide design range of selected colors in your boxing shoe for a little added fun, why not try this shoe.

The shoe has an added cushioned outsole that helps your grip through those sharp turns and jumps to keep you worry-free, safe, and supporting your best performance yet.

If anything, they give more in the space in the shoe so sizing down half a size may be best for you, or if you need more room, not a problem!


  • Cushioned Soles - For ultimate grip performance
  • Lightweight - Quick movements
  • Color Range - Plenty of choices to choose from without worrying about available stock


  • May Need To Half Size Down - A minor detail that is more of a suggestion depending on comfort


Reebok Women's Nanoflex Tr Cross Trainer

Best Women’s Boxing Shoe For Support

What’s better than a boxing shoe with comfort and performance-designed insoles? Removable insoles!

We understand that not everyone can find the best shoe for what they want and if you can get close to that, then being able to remove the soles if it helps your feet and workout should be an option available to you.

The bottom of this shoe is designed to be flat to support heavy workouts and with wear, they soften out to the shape of your feet to provide better, improved support on those boxing day sessions.


  • Flexible Shoe - For ultimate movement
  • Balance Support - Safety considered
  • Lightweight - Breathable Materials used


  • Runs Small - Size up where possible


Reebok Women's Nano X1 Cross Trainer

Best Performance Boxing Shoe

These Reebok boxing shoes are the most versatile shoe available on the market, they support a large range of heavy and demanding workouts alongside your boxing desires to enable you to perform to your ultimate best at all times.

Wear them to the gym, at work, on errands, and around the house. You name it, this shoe can support you through it!

The rubber sole and synthetic and mesh-designed materials offer a comfortable all-day fit using Floatride Energy Foam that is 100% lightweight whilst maintaining stability. They’re built for speed.


  • Soft And Durable - Breathable with integrated support
  • Stylish - Available in many colors and have a sleek shape and design
  • Stable Foot Support - To keep you safe and injury-free


  • May Need Ankle Support - Cannot guarantee blister-free


Reebok Men's Lifter PR II Cross Trainer

Best Boxing Shoes For Lift And Stability

The Reebok Men’s Lifter PR Cross Trainer is designed for traction and durability with its rubber outsoles and raised heels.

The added stability on the platform of the shoes and textile upper sole provide the perfect cushioning, so they’re not too snug, but fitted enough to support you during your boxing session.

They have a strong heel, so if you’re someone who knows your shoes and can tell the difference in specific support, these may just be for you.

And you will be able to tell the difference compared to other shoes. That’s how you know you’ve found the right shoe for you!


  • Good If You’re On The Taller Side - Has higher heel support
  • Solid Starter Shoe - Can’t go wrong with them
  • Lightweight - Extremely flexible without the need to break-in 
  • Supportive - Works to your body limitations


  • Spoilt For Choice - Wide range of colors


Reebok Women's Princess Sneaker, Black, 5 W

Best Stylish Boxing Shoe For Women

This style of shoe is specifically designed to keep your feet cool and dry through any temperature and conditions you may go through.

Workouts to support your boxing ambition need a reliable and efficient shoe with you can use for both boxing and running.

They have a die-cut EVA midsole which is made to last limitless jogs and strolls to and from the gym, making it a stylish choice with sturdy benefits.

The moisture-absorbing technology designed into the shoe keeps your feet dry and comfortable to keep your mind focused on your workouts alone.

No distractions equal a successful and effective session all thanks to the Reebok Women’s Princess Running Shoe.

Don’t be swayed by the name, the performance these shoes provide compliment the stylish name and interior.


  • Durable And Lightweight - Material designed for your comfort
  • Weather And Temperature Support - Soft lining absorbs moisture
  • True To Size - Reassuring


  • Limited Color Options - Not an issue if you’re looking for something simple


Reebok Men's Nanoflex Cross Trainer

Best Boxing Shoe For Fast Movements

You want a boxing shoe that’s going to enable you to move as fast and you have to think right?

Go no further than the Reebok Men’s Nanoflex Cross Trainer that provides just the right amount of flex grooves for a full range of motion and a TPU heel clip that supports multidirectional movements all day long.

They may need some wear to shape them to your feet but after the initial break-in, you’re good to go!

They’re a solid option for all-day multipurpose workouts and if simple and quick is what you need when choosing the perfect Reebok boxing shoe for you, then we’ve got you covered.


  • Breathable - Versatile shoe 
  • Long-Lasting Comfort - Midsoles designed specially 
  • Colorways - Wide range from simple to colorful


  • Not 100% Waterproof - Not ideal for outside of boxing


Reebok Men's Flashfilm Train Cross Trainer, 0

Best Multipurpose Boxing Shoe

These sneakers are specifically engineered with a flex weave textile upper which provides excellent resilience across multiple workouts and everyday purposes.

They have seamless support and the breathable fabric provides the perfect protection for your feet.

They’re high-performance running shoes that are ideal for walking, running, and high-intensity training like boxing and sparring.

Need a shoe that provides you with sturdy comfort for every single stride you take?

That may be an exaggerated requirement but if you’re someone who wants the best of the best for you then this boxing shoe can do just that! Be as picky as you like.


  • Stretch And Comfort - Rubber outsoles designed to support your ankles and feet
  • Lightweight Material - Keeps you quick on your feet
  • Simple Range - Not too many options so the choice is made easy


  • Runs Small - Runs a little on the smaller side, however just need to size up


10 Best Reebok Boxing Shoes

So, you needed a boxing shoe pronto and you came here looking for a fast and easy guide to help you finalize your decision.

One of these Reebok Boxing Shoes is the best boxing shoe for you and with this guide, you’ll have the decision made in minutes so you can get on with your day and say adios to your temporary boxing shoe nightmare!