10 Best Puma Boxing Shoes

Boxing is a sport that requires durability, resilience, and willpower, if you consider yourself to be the next Rocky Balboa, you’re going to need a pair of boxing shoes that harbor the perfect amount of resilience, durability, and willpower.

Be at one with your shoes just like your boxing gloves and you’ll succeed beyond your expectations. Whether you’re sparring with your coach, or jumping rope to build up those quick feet. 

Your shoes are going to make it happen and without the right pair, well, do I need to go any further?

Let’s not talk about possible disasters. Save yourself the physical and mental pain of it and pick the right shoes!

We’ve kept this in mind when choosing the perfect list of Puma Boxing Shoes for you to pick from so you can be reassured the best pair of shoes is on this list.

You know your stuff on boxing and so do we, you’ll find your boxing shoes today!

Best Overall Men’s Boxing Shoe


PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Puma White/ Puma Black/ Puma Silver Running Shoe - 10 D(M) US

When you hit those sparring techniques and your coach ends up tying your shoelaces together to keep your feet still, wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid this with the ideal shoe to keep you standing sturdy for longer?  

The PUMA Men’s Tazon Fade Shoe has got you covered for life. The mid foot saddle provides maximum fit so no slipping around on the hardwood floor for you!

 It may seem like a small issue when you think about it, but the concentration of a boxer requires as many distractions and problems to be cleared from your mind so you can become one, mind and body. 

There’s nothing worse than buying the cleanest pair of boxing shoes to then dirty them within the hour and be left disappointed by yourself and your purchase.

Fear not, because these PUMA boxing shoes clean right off from smudges and dirt instantly if you’re willing to put in the minuscule effort.

The smooth material enables even rainwater to glide right off saving you the frustration of worrying about stains.


  • Water Resistant - Not fully waterproof, however absorbent enough to stand the rain
  • Lightweight - Hold up well without breaking apart over time
  • Stiffer - Sturdy 


  • Run’s skinny - Not the widest shoes so, be aware


PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture FM Sneaker Black, 10.5 M US

As a boxer, we understand that running is extremely important to you, and those early morning jogs are never easy, so we’d like to make them easier for you!

The PUMA Men’s Tazon Fracture Shoe is designed to withstand even the longest-running journeys to help you perform to the best of your ability.

It’s a run-train performance-based sneaker with rubber soles and PUMA has kept the design sleek and simple, just like their purpose. You want something that hands down is going to do the job, and you want it to look like it will too.

PUMA is designed for athletes, on the go or not on the go, you can be guaranteed your comfort has been taken into consideration.

Because they’re sleek and simple, wearing them to work or on errands is the perfect use for these shoes, making them your multipurpose candidate.

Especially if you’ve forgotten to bring a change of shoes to the gym for work, no problem! Just keep calm and carry on through your day.


  • Tough Exterior - Made to last
  • Smart - Multipurpose wear 
  • Comfortable and Stable - No blister problems 


  • Runs Slightly Small - Narrow in the toe


PUMA womens Tazon 6 Fm Cross Trainer Shoe, Black/Silver/Beetroot Purple, 9 US

Do you find yourself getting spoilt for choice sometimes when shopping for workout shoes because there are just too many options?

We feel your pain, whilst it’s appreciative to make so many colorways and options available to women, sometimes it’s just not necessary.

A simple and minimalist design maybe with a pop of color is ideal, and that’s just what the PUMA Women’s Tazon Cross-Trainer Shoe is.

Available in 5 different colorways that all maintain a minimalist nature, this boxing shoe sticks to its roots. Need I say more?

They’re extremely resilient to everyday workouts as well as intense boxing sessions, if you’re also an aerobics person or a cross trainer,

The platform is stable and keep your feet situated inside the shoe the way they’re supposed to, no rolled arches or rolling outwards when walking for you.

For some people, issues with arch pain or you’re a chronic back pain sufferer, these shoes will level you out, you wouldn’t think the type of shoes you wear could affect the spine, but it does.

And PUMA has thought this through and through to provide maximum comfort and ease.


  • 100% Leather and Synthetic - Materials designed for your feet
  • Performance-based - Made for quick movements
  • Simple - No going overboard on options


  • Tapered in The Front - Slightly narrow but perfect for narrow foot types


PUMA Women's Prowl Slip On Cross Trainer, Black, 9

PUMA is known for its fast and comfort-designed products, and the shoes live up to this branding.

The built-in foam in the midsoles and SOFTFOAM+ incorporated into the footbed provides a holistic full foot comfort experience, with outsoles designed with rubber traction pods for ultimate lightweight training movements.

You can spar in peace knowing these shoes have been designed exactly for all your boxing needs, they were made for a boxer!

The best thing about these shoes is that they’re multipurpose for your exercise needs and work-specific needs.

If you’re a nurse by night working long night shifts and a training boxer by day, you can be reassured these shoes will support you all day and all night without that aching feeling that you need to sit down because of your shoes.

It may be something simple, but removing that inconvenience in your life leaves room for more concentration and success!


  • Flexible - Perfect for quick, agile movements
  • Stylized Trainer - Made for lightweight comfort
  • Simple Range - No patterns, just a range of colors to suit your style


  • Possible Shipping Issues - Solved through research


PUMA mens Cell Surin 2 Sneaker, Asphalt Black/Shocking Orange, 11 US

The Puma Men’s Cell Surin Cross-Traine Shoe is designed for breathability and comfort whilst enabling you to get the job done at the gym or home.

This casual running style shoe offers a lighter and modern feel whilst using the technologies built into the soles to push you towards your goals.

There’s nothing worse than a piece of workout gear that isn’t performing to its full capability, thus slowing you down. This shoe works with your arch shape to provide the best results.

This shoe runs slightly deeper than most athletic shoes out there, giving you more comfort and stability when running or boxing.

If you prefer a fabric mesh-type shoe that’s fully flexible to your workout, this shoe is the one to grab. You can throw your worries out the window because they’re durable, comfortable, and flexible.


  • True to Size - Fabric is fully flexible
  • Easy to Break in - Break-in fast so you can get on with workouts
  • Stylish and Modern - Good quality material that combines comfort with a simple look


  • Limited Color Choices - Only one or two available, however, makes decisions simple.


PUMA mens Axelion Spark Cross trainer, Castlerock-palace Blue, 9.5 US

So, you’ve woken up at the crack of dawn to get that early morning jog smashed out before your day fully starts.

Gym gear or sweats on, thermal socks on because it’s subarctic outside, running shoes...oh wait, you haven’t got the perfect pair of running shoes yet, it was on your list of things to do before your boxing session.

Well, that’s where the PUMA Men’s Axelion Running Shoe comes in handy to save the day do you never have to come across this issue so early in the morning.

They’re designed to keep you running for longer with the rubber sole and arch support built-in for you, so when you’ve finished your jog and moved onto training,

You can sleep easy knowing that these shoes keep you bouncing on your toes for longer than any other shoe available.

 If you’ve been through 15 pairs of running shoes with no luck finding the pair to last, we’ve got you covered with the Puma Axelion Shoe.


  • Wide Variety - Huge selection of shoe colors to choose from to suit your style
  • Like Walking on Air - Lightweight and comfort technologies
  • Stylish and Modern - Your style is accounted for


  • Narrow - Depending on your feet shape and comfort level


PUMA mens Tazon 6 Ii Cross trainer, Puma Black-ultra Gray, 10.5 US

If you’re the busy body type who doesn’t have the time to be picky when choosing your boxing shoes, these may solve your problem.

They can be worn for boxing, to the gym, running errands and to the office, if need be whilst providing you with the best comfort possible and maintaining a tidy appearance.

That’s one less thing to worry about during your day.

They have a comfortable shock-absorbing Eva Heel Pod to take any kind of tough workouts you’re involved in, we can guarantee that you won’t feel the workout in your heels like with some other shoes available.

The sporty knit upper design in the shoe balances this out perfectly so you can go all day. If this is your first pair of PUMA shoes, this will be a good first experience to introduce you to the boxing world in the right way.


  • Wide Fit - Diverse for all foot types
  • Easy to Break in - Quick to ease your feet into becoming comfortable within a few hours
  • They Look Great! - Simple but do the job


  • Wear Down Within Time - Like any other shoe they won’t last forever


PUMA Men's Sky 2 HI Sneaker, Royal, 9 M US

This shoe is designed with 2-strap velcro closures that are completely adjustable to your ankle shape, with an EVA midsole and solid rubber outsole to support your feet and ankles whatever you’re doing.

The original quality basketball style gives you the edge in the gym, they’re 100% original in style whilst providing all the usual comfort and flexibility measures you’d expect from a quality boxing shoe.

Or if you’re looking for something to keep your boxing and workouts separate to make them last, then this shoe can excel in this for you.


  • Stylish - basketball-inspired sneaker to change up your look, a rare find.
  • Run True to Size - Can Purchase with Confidence
  • Unisex Shoe - Designed for every foot type
  • Fast Delivery - Easy and simple to order


  • Velcro May Trap Laces - Rare occasion but a possibility


PUMA Men's Rs-x³ Puzzle Cross-Trainer (Black/Black/White, Numeric_11)

If your style is a necessity for you with your choices no matter what, this boxing shoe is for you.

It comes in 9 different variations of a selectively designed pattern that provides comfort whilst keeping you looking modern and confident 24/7.

The design process strips back the silhouette down to the basics and builds it up with stronger materials inspired by games and puzzles.


  • Truly Unique - One of a kind shoe
  • New and Modern - Designed for ultimate comfort all-day
  • Fast Delivery - Arrives fast straight to your door


  • Runs Small - Recommended to order half a size up


PUMA mens Softride Rift Tech Cross trainer, Puma White-fizzy Yellow, 11.5 US

This style of trainer keeps you lighter than air on your feet with the cushioned feel all day, whilst keeping you locked down and supported with the TPU molded cage feature.

And you won’t have to sacrifice the casual look you were going for with the PUMA Men’s Softride Boxing Shoe.

Want a shoe that will have you coming back to buy another pair because you love them that much? You can rely on these boxing shoes for that!


  • Zero Back or Feet Pain - Technology is designed to eliminate those pesky pains
  • Unlimited Miles of Walking - Comfortable for a long time
  • Tough Exterior - Have to break in but is easy and quick


  • Limited Options - However, keeps the choice simple and easy


10 Best Puma Boxing Shoes

Overall PUMA as a brand is a fantastic choice to rely on for all your boxing shoe choices,

They have something for everyone no matter what your preferences are so be assured that today you will have found your perfect pair of boxing shoes to get you on your way! And as a boxer, you want 100% reliability in your shoe choice.