10 Best Mizuno Boxing Shoes

If you were to bring up boxing gear in a conversation with friends, it’s likely that everyone’s first thought would be of those signature gloves. Sure, they’re a necessary accessory, and certainly complete the boxing look, but they are definitely not the only item that every boxer needs.

Boxing shoes are also an essential part of any boxer’s kit, and they shouldn’t be overlooked! Whether you are a newbie or are well-established in the ring, boxing shoes provide the support you need to move with power and precision, safely.

That seems simple enough at first, but - as I’m sure you know, having come to this site - choosing the right type of boxing shoe is not so straightforward.

If you are new to the boxing scene, you might not know what to invest your hard-earned money on; there are so many designs and types of shoes, but not much guidance on what they each do.

How are you supposed to start boxing if you need boxing shoes to start, but have no idea which type of shoes to get?

I’m happy to tell you that in this article, we will go through some of the best Boxing Shoes currently available on the market, and will help you to discover which shoes are best for you. Here, we are going to focus exclusively on the renowned Japanese Sports brand, Mizuno.

Founded in 1906 by the Mizuno brothers, this experienced brand will have a shoe for everyone.
Unless you’re willing to splash out on some custom-made luxury boots, most of the available Mizuno shoes are not designed specifically for boxing.

So, this article may not be specialist enough if you’re a pro boxer. But for the rest of you, many of Mizuno’s shoes consist of elements that are transferable to boxing, and which will undoubtedly aid you in your training.


Mizuno Men's TC-01 Cross Training Shoe, Cross Training Sneakers for all forms of Exercise, Black-Grey, 10.5 D US

Available in two colorways (stylish black and gray, and vibrant neon yellow and black), these shoes are designed to improve your balance and enhance your training.

Although they may look simple, these shoes contain Mizuno’s patented sensor pods; a Mizuno technology that heightens the feedback you can feel from your feet when boxing.

These sensory clusters are what give these shoes the ability to aid an athlete’s agility and foot control.

As well as their performance enhancement, these shoes also feel good! A completely knit upper makes these shoes stretch to the shape of each individual’s foot, and combines with the soft PU midsole to ensure a comfortable, flexible fit.


  • Aids performance - Advanced C.O.B. technology that heightens the sensitivity and balance of the shoe
  • Comfort - Soft knit upper provides a natural and comfortable fit


  • Narrow fit - May be difficult to wear for people with wide feet
  • Slightly more expensive than similar Mizuno products


Men's TF-02 Training Shoe

Coming in at a close second are these sleek trainers, which combine the same C.O.B. technology of the TC-01s with a sharp Mizuno outsole.

This means that as well as providing balance for the athlete, these shoes have more traction than other models, which gives you more control over your footwork and stance.

The upper on these shoes is two-layered mesh, which contributes to the shoes’ durability, while maintaining a comfortable fit.

On top of their great functional design, these shoes also look great. You can choose from four different colors (including pink!), so you can reflect a little more of your personality in your boxing gear.


  • Comfortable - The mesh upper ensures a snug fit
  • Durable - The rubber sole combines with an outsole and midsole to enable a lasting product
  • Affordable - Compared to the TC-01s, these shoes are more affordable, and maintain a lot of the same technologies and benefits


  • Squeaky steps - The rubber sole, although durable, has been known to get a little squeaky as you move!

Best Women’s Mizuno Boxing Shoes

Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 17 Running Shoe, India Ink, 8.5

Despite their name, these shoes are suitable for a lot more than just running. Available in a range of ten different colors, there’s bound to be a pair that you love! The Inspire 17s have a U4ic Midsole, which reduces shockwaves.

Combined with the Mizuno Enerzy foam, the U4ic Midsole helps to create a springy feel to the shoe, aiding your agility when training. The upper of this shoe is mesh, which makes these shoes both breathable and long-lasting.

As referred to in the name of this model, within this shoe is a fan-shaped Wave Plate. This technology adds to the sturdiness of the sole, and augments the shoe’s overall supportiveness.


  • Supportive - The Wave plate and mesh upper make these shoes extremely sturdy, and help them to support your feet as you train
  • Performance-enhancing - The Enerzy foam and U4ic Midsole give you the spring you need to keep you light on your feet
  • Aesthetic - The sleek design of this shoe is available in 10 different colors


  • Price - The quality of the technology of these shoes is reflected in their price, making them a little less affordable than similar models


Mizuno womens Wave Luminous Indoor Court Shoe, White-silver, 8.5 US

These low-top shoes are lightweight, but full of power. This design shares the Inspire 17’s Wave Plate feature, so is equally durable and supportive.

On top of the plate, these shoes also have a Dynomotionfit bootie construction; this essentially means that they provide excellent stability. 

The stability of these shoes is augmented by the high shock absorption level of the shoe, which means that even the most aggressive movements will be controllable when wearing these shoes.

These shoes come in three low-key colorways, meaning they look as great as they feel!


  • Durable - The rubber sole and Wave technology make these shoes high quality and long lasting
  • Stylish - These Court shoes are aesthetic, and come in black, white, or gray


  • Snug fit - This model lacks a flexible upper, so you may need to size up for comfort

Best Unisex Mizuno Boxing Shoes

Mizuno Unisex-Kid's Cyclone Speed 2 Junior Indoor Court Shoe, blacksilver, 3 Child US Big Kid

These indoor shoes are suitable for anyone and everyone, so if you’re not bothered about the design and just want an affordable shoe that ticks the boxes, this may be the pair for you!

The Speed 2s are a low-top design, so might lack the ankle support that other brands can provide. 

What they lack in support, though, they make up for in dynamics. The non-marking rubber outsole and cushioning in the shoe allow for quick side-to-side movements and flexibility.

The reasonable price tag might be another reason to add these to your shopping basket - particularly if you’re new to boxing and want to start off slow.


  • Unisex - Suitable for both male and female juniors
  • Dynamic - lightweight EVA midsole and low-top arch allow for maximum movement


  • Low ankle support - As with many of these Mizuno products, the trainer is low-top so doesn’t provide much ankle support

Best Mid-Top Mizuno Boxing Shoes

Mizuno Men's Wave Momentum Mid Volleyball Shoe, blacksilver, 8.5 D US

These highly durable indoor shoes have Mizuno’s ingenious Wave Plate technology, and strong Booty construction inside the shoe.

These two features create a secure fit around the foot, and reduce the impact that reaches the foot; ensuring stability and comfort when training.

The comfort of this shoe is increased by the Upper, which consists of three unsewn layers that allow freedom of movement. First and foremost a volleyball shoe, the Wave Momentum design is lightweight and thus heightens your agility.


  • Ankle Support - The mid-top provides much more support around the ankle, and is thus often a necessary feature of a boxing shoe.
  • Comfort - The Wave technology and three-layer upper combine for a snug and comfortable feel


  • Aesthetics - This shoe is currently only available in one color, so the choice of the exterior is out of your hands


Mizuno Men's Running Volleyball Shoe, White Lblue Ceramic, 8

These sturdy mid-tops come in a dazzlingly bright blue color, and a neutral white design, so whether you want your look to be lowkey or to stand-out, this shoe could be the one for you.

Much of the higher part of the shoe is made out of mesh, which means that as well as supporting the ankle, it still allows for freedom of movement and is not restrictive.

A similar spacer mesh is used on the sides of the show, making the fit comfortable in all areas.

The rubber sole provides the grip needed in the boxing ring, and - once again - this shoe features the Mizuno Wave technology, so is both cushioning and stable.


  • Ankle Support - The mid-top cut surrounds the ankle and cushions it during training
  • Flexibility - The use of mesh in this design makes this shoe extremely comfortable and easy to move in


  • Type - These shoes are not designed specifically for boxing, but may still suit the ring well


Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Mens Volleyball Shoe, Grey, 11.5

Another volleyball shoe on the list! Available in three neutral shades, these stylish shoes are made for movement.

Not only are they lightweight, but they contain a D-flex groove: a diagonal groove in the middle of the shoe that is flexible enough to allow the owner to turn powerfully and quickly with ease. 

This ease of movement is increased by the shoe’s 360 degree mesh. Mesh also makes the shoe breathable and very comfortable.

As well as enhancing your movement, these shoes also provide maximum balance, thanks to the outrigger sole.


  • Ease of Motion - These shoes don’t inhibit your movement, but actually aid it. The D-flex groove ensures maximum flexibility and quick reaction times
  • Balance - The firm outer sole makes these shoes sturdy and stable


  • Indoor Only - These are not suitable for outside training


Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Mid Womens Volleyball Shoe, White, 6.5

That’s right! This great shoe is also available for women. Exactly as the Men’s Z6 do, these shoes benefit massively from the D-flex groove, and thus allow you to have an unparalleled range of motion when wearing these.

They also have the chunky rubber sole and cushioning Wave plate; both of which ensure you are always stable, no matter how fierce your movements.


  • Ease of Motion - These shoes don’t inhibit your movement, but actually aid it. The D-flex groove ensures maximum flexibility and quick reaction times
  • Stability - The wave tech and rubber sole ensure that you can move uninhibitedly and still maintain control


  • Aesthetics - This shoe is only available in one color. However, if you love the white and silver (like I do), there’s no problem!

Best Specialist Mizuno Shoes

High-Cut Type Boxing Shoes

This one’s definitely not for beginners...At a much higher price, these high-top boxing boots are more of a luxury item than a sports shoe. They are made to order, so are not widely available and take up to fifty days to reach you.

Of course, with this process come many benefits: a robust rubber sole that guarantees durability and reduces shock waves, and a fiber mesh body that combines comfort with flexibility.

These high-end boots are a huge investment, and will undoubtedly improve your performance.


  • Unrivaled quality - The care that goes into making these boots makes them of superior quality
  • Comfort - The main body is made of mesh, so fits snugly and smoothly


  • Price - This shoe is on the very high end of the market
  • Accessibility - As they are made in Japan, these shoes are hard to come by

In Summary

10 Best Mizuno Boxing Shoes

After reading this article, I think you’ll agree that the choices are vast when it comes to buying boxing shoes with Mizuno. I hope, though, that this has helped to pinpoint the main differences between the brand’s models, and that you are one step closer to finding your favorite pair!

Whether you’re looking for good ankle support, or you’re prioritizing having a good range of motion; whether you’re looking for a basic first pair or are looking for something more advanced - it seems as though Mizuno has an option for everybody.