10 Best Jordan Boxing Shoes

In any sport you are looking to pursue, you need to make sure you are fully equipped with the best gear to reach your full potential.

Boxing is no different as you need to secure comfortable clothing, fitting gloves and perhaps most importantly a pair of boxing shoes that allow you to stay balanced and composed in the ring.

The best boxing shoes on the market can help to improve your performance by providing good support and cushioning whilst also allowing you to feel light and alert on your feet.

For the top guidance towards the best boxing shoes, many boxers look to the high end brands with one of these brands being Jordan.

Jordan produces some of the best sports footwear on the market and has a wide variety of boxing shoes to choose from.

To allow you to make a quicker decision, we have put together 10 of the best Jordan boxing shoes currently available today. Read on to find the pair best suited to your needs as a boxer!


Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low

The Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low features a smooth, soft, cushlon foam making every step in these shoes comfortable.

The shoe is also fitted with premium leather which covers the toe area and extends back through the midfoot along the shoe’s outer side.

If you are worried about the shoe feeling loose in the ring, do not worry as the Air Jordan 11 is perfectly designed with fabric that wraps up and over the top of the foot for a secure contoured fit.

The shoe is also fitted with rubber sections on the outsole which provide traction and durability for high-wear areas which will add increased security for when you are in the ring.

Available in two choices of color, white/armoury and navy/pollen, these Air Jordan 11’s also look fantastic as well as allowing for maximum performance for when you are in the ring.


Nike Jordan Men's Shoes Air Jordan XXXV Sisterhood CZ5657-100 (M, Numeric_10)

The Jordan Nike Air XXXV’s are perfect if you want to improve your boxing performance as the Sculpted Eclipse Plate 2.0 helps to provide support and stability for when you need to be at the top of your game.

Additionally the shoes feature Zoom Air Cushioning to produce a springy responsive feel under the heel and forefoot.

A large volume thick heel unit provides impact cushioning which is perfect for constantly being on the move in the ring.

This is matched at the front of the shoe by a large forefoot unit that will help provide you with support.

To lock in your feet, these Jordan’s feature flightwire cables which are stitched into the sides all the way up to the curved plate to fully lockdown your footbed when you lace up.

This will allow for increased grip and subsequent movement for when you are in the ring.

For further grip, the Jordan’s also feature a modified herringbone tread pattern. This allows for increased grip in the ring to stay steady and balanced mid-fight.


Nike Air Jordan Aerospace 720 Mens Basketball Trainers BV5502 Sneakers Shoes (UK 8.5 US 9.5 EU 43, Gym red Black 600)

The Nike Men’s Bv5502-004 is expertly designed to allow you to reach your maximum boxing performance.

Smooth, soft, cushioned foam is featured within the shoe to allow for free and light movement in whatever exercise you are carrying out.

The shoe also comes in three different color ways. Red and black, black blue fury reflective silver and white gym red black vast grey which all look excellent for when you are in the gym or in the ring.

Flightwire cables are also fitted to these boxing shoes allowing your feet to feel comfortable and without the stress of losing your grip allowing you to perform dodges and jabs through the freedom of these shoes.


Jordan Max Aura

Although the Jordan Max Aura’s are authentically basketball shoes, they still possess the same characteristics that will allow you to perform to the best of your ability as a boxer.

Similarly to other Jordan shoes, the Jordan Max Aura features a modified herringbone tread pattern.

This tread pattern allows for increased grip for when you are on the move which would be important for balance and stability for when you are in the ring.

These Jordan’s are also punctured with holes which provides airflow and ventilation to prevent your sweat from affecting your performance whether that’s in training or sparring an opponent.

The Jordan Max Aura comes in two colorways which are White Dark Concord Black and Smoke Grey White.

These both give a clean and professional look to the shoe making sure you look the best whilst still feeling comfortable out in the ring.


Air Jordan 12

The classic Air Jordan 12’s may be a staple of the basketball industry but these shoes will also allow you to reach your maximum potential as a professional boxer.

Featuring a leather textile upper, the Air Jordan 12’s have all the hallmarks of a shoe that has effective durability whilst also offering expert comfort to your feet despite whether you are in the gym or in the ring.

A zoom air unit is also fitted to the bottom of the shoe which can really create some explosive power to surprise your opponent.

The Jordan’s also feature an EVA midsole which provides excellent cushioning without adding too much weight to the shoe.


Nike Jordan ADG 2 Golf Shoe Black/Black-Summit White-University RED - 7.5

The Nike Men’s Ct7812 offers a shoe with an iconic Jordan style whilst still offering maximum performance to reach your boxing goals.

Punctured holes in each side of the shoe allow for superior breathability restricting your feet from sweating to the point where it will affect your performance.

The expertly designed sole of the shoe offers an enhanced grip to keep you stable allowing you to dodge and strike effectively whilst you are boxing.

These Jordan’s are also manufactured with a strong synthetic material which improves the reliability and durability of the shoe. 


Nike Men's 321819-610_40 Training Shoes, Red, 7

These Nike Machomai are perfectly suited for whether you are in training or participating in a sparring session.

The high top design to the shoes offers great ankle support and flexibility for any intense boxing session you are involved in.

Fitted with a mesh material, these boxing shoes from Jordan offer extensive air flow and ventilation to allow for breathability whilst still keeping your feet snug within the shoe.

The rubber sole offers flexibility but also durability to stop you from slipping around the ring which would give your opponent an advantage.

An anatomic design to the shoe also offers expert comfort to the right areas aiding your comfort and also your balance to ensure you are always on top form throughout your sparring sessions.


AIR JORDAN 8 Retro 'South Beach' - 305381-113 - Size 9

Despite being more primarily targeted for the fitness market, the Nike Air Jordan 8 Retro still carries all the features of an effective boxing shoe that could be tailored to your needs.

The iconic high top design can increase your balance and stability when training or sparring and allows for more effective dodging and movement to accelerate your development as a boxer.

Punctured soles on each side of the shoe also increases airflow and ventilation reducing the sweat you will produce whilst in training which can allow for greater boxing performance.

The Nike Jordan 8’s also feature a unique colorway which offers a clean but also vibrant look to the shoe that differentiates itself from other boxing shoes on the market.


Jordan Mens Ultimate Gift of Flight Multi-Color/Multi-Color 717602-900 9

The Nike Jordan Ultimate Gift of Flight is a unique and vibrant design that immediately stands out from other footwear products from Jordan.

Although predominantly a basketball shoe, these shoes from Jordan offer comfortability, durability and a host of other features that can be used within a boxing capacity.

The shoes rubber sole offers comfort and spring for effective movement whilst still being able to provide great traction to make sure you do not slip whilst in the ring.

Man Made material makes up the inside of the shoe meaning it has been tailored to deliver precise comfort to the areas of the foot which need it most.


Nike Men's Jordan Max 200 Basketball Trainers Sneakers Shoes CD6105 (Gym Red/Black 602) (Numeric_11_Point_5)

The Nike Jordan Max 200 offers a different design to that of the iconic high top design of many of its Jordan counterparts.

However, the shoe still offers all the hallmarks that would make up an effective boxing shoe.

The iconic “bubble” from the Air Max trainer is featured within the Jordan Max 200 to add an extra spring into your step which is ideal for boxing movement through dodging and jabs.

A rubber sole expertly crafted to increase grip and tread allows for yourself to be comfortable and well cushioned whilst also making sure there is no danger of you slipping during your training or sparring activities.

An anatomic design to the shoe also offers expert comfort to the right areas aiding your comfort and also your balance to ensure you are always on top form throughout your sparring sessions.

A low fit around the ankle can also provide quicker movement and acceleration compared to that of a high top boxing shoe which may tailor your own needs as a boxer.

Frequently Asked Questions?

10 Best Jordan Boxing Shoes

Do Boxing Shoes Get Hot?

If fitted with the correct amount of ventilation, boxing shoes will not get too hot to the point where it affects your performance.

However this can depend on the extent and duration of the exercise that you are performing.

Can A Boxer Box While Wearing Any Shoes?

The feet of a boxer are the source of movement and power. Gloves and mouthpieces may be taken into consideration, but not boxing footwear. People think they can box in any shoes and that is absolutely false.

What Is The Importance Of Footwork In Boxing?

The constant movement of the body, cutting the ring, feinting, transferring weight from heel to toe, generating power, and creating distance deception are some of the many techniques that require active footwork.


This list of Jordan’s top boxing shoes provides a good mix of styles and shapes which would lead you on your way to find a pair of boxing shoes that suits your needs. 

Even if you are a beginner or a well experienced professional, there will be something that suits you on this list.

Choosing a pair of shoes that will prevent your feet from sweating during training or sparring sessions is important if you are going to be training for an extended period.

You should also ensure the shoes have the ventilation you need to keep your feet cool during training.

In order to move around quickly without slipping, you'll need a pair of shoes that have great traction and grip if you spend a lot of time in the ring.

The Jordan Nike XXXV is suited to this as it is equipped with a sculpted eclipse plate which will prevent you from slipping in the ring.

If you need extra ankle support, choose shoes with velcro ankle straps, or high tops.

Whatever your needs and requirements are when searching for Jordan boxing shoes, you are sure to find what you want from this list.