10 Best Gold Boxing Gloves

The color gold symbolizes many great things, including triumph, power, wealth, and prosperity. 

In an intense sport such as boxing, it’s helpful to have a physical reminder of your goals and ambitions. And what better way to inspire yourself to reach your full potential than to make your boxing gloves a symbol of your success? 

Whether you’re a fan of all-gold designs or block color combinations, we have chosen the 10 best gold boxing gloves to make you feel powerful in the ring.


Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Training Gloves Gel Sparring Punching Bag Mitts, L/XL, Gold/Black

Our first pick in the category of best gold boxing gloves comes from the well-known boxing apparel brand, Ringside.

The Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves are constructed using advanced technology, ensuring the best possible protection and performance. 

These gold and black boxing gloves don’t just look impressive. The synthetic leather material ensures a good level of durability, while the mesh panels on the palms and thumbs provide proper ventilation. 

Ringside has used IMF technology to make these gloves. IMF stands for Injected Molded Foam, and this type of foam provides better protection than regular, layered foam. 

Inside each glove, you’ll notice the Stay-Dri lining, which prevents the build-up of sweat and bacteria for a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial effect. 

Although these gold boxing gloves only come in 2 sizes (Small to Medium and Medium to Large), the wrap-around closure ensures a tight and secure fit.

The sizing options also mean that you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about finding the perfect fit before you buy, so the potential drawback of non-specific sizing is mitigated. 

Meanwhile, the boxing grip bar at the top of the palm encourages a tighter fist, reducing hand fatigue while training and sparring. 


  • IMF technology - Enhanced protection
  • Synthetic leather and mesh - Durable and ventilated 
  • Stay-Dri lining - Moisture-wicking 
  • Wrap-around closure - Secure fit
  • Grip bar - Minimizes hand fatigue


  • Only 2 size options - Non-specific sizing


Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves - Gold - 16-Ounce

In the runner-up spot, we have these gold Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves. 

The Venum Challenger gloves are made of PU leather, which is a very durable choice of material. The reinforcement on the palms of these gloves also helps to enhance their durability. 

It seems as though the weak point of the Venu Challengers is their stitching, which isn’t as tough as the rest of the construction, so we recommend handling the gloves carefully. 

Aside from the stitching, there really is nothing to complain about when it comes to the Venum Challenger 2.0 gloves. 

The gloves feature triple-density foam padding for protection and an elasticated velcro closure that ensures the perfect fit every time. 

Venum’s Challenger 2.0 gloves also come in 5 weight options: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 ounces. The manufacturer has provided a sizing chart to help you find the best glove weight for your size. 


  • PU leather - Highly durable 
  • Triple-density padding - Protective 
  • Palm reinforcement - Wear-resistant 
  • Elasticated velcro closure - Size-compatible 
  • 5 weight options - Versatile 


  • Less durable stitching - Some fraying may occur 


Boxing Gloves for Men Women Kids,PU Leather Youth Junior Fight Gloves,Training Sparring Punching Bag Gloves for Kickboxing,Muay Thai,UFC,MMA

It’s no secret that boxing gloves can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! These boxing gloves from Gingpai come in a stunningly bright shade of gold, and they’re very budget-friendly, too! 

Despite being made of high-quality, premium synthetic leather, the Gingpai gold boxing gloves are affordably priced. 

They also feature a humanized construction, which follows the natural curvature of the human fist, ensuring comfort and minimizing the risk of injury. 

Speaking of injury management, many boxing gloves focus all the protective padding at the peak of the fist, leaving the thumb vulnerable.

While these gloves have more than adequate fist padding, they also have built-in thumb protection, enhancing the overall safety of the gloves. 

You can purchase the Gingpai gloves in weights ranging from 6 ounces to 12 ounces. There are no heavier sizes, so these gloves aren’t suitable for heavier boxers, but for youth and lighter fighters, they’re a great choice. 


  • Premium synthetic leather - High-quality 
  • Humanized construction - Comfortable 
  • Built-in thumb protection - Safe to wear 
  • Available in 4 weights - Wide compatibility 
  • Affordable price - Budget-friendly 


  • Only up to 12 oz - Not for larger boxers 


Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves, Training Gloves with Hook and Loop Closure for Men and Women (12oz., Solid Gold)

If you’re not opposed to paying premium prices for the associated quality, our gold boxing glove recommendation is the Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves. 

These may not be budget-friendly gloves, but they come in a dazzling shade of gold and the construction is superior enough to make up for the price. 

The Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves are made from real leather, so they’re highly durable and wear-resistant. Additionally, the latex foam padding contributes to the gloves’ longevity while providing superior protection for your knuckles. 

Inside the glove is a water-resistant lining that promotes optimal ventilation and stops sweat from interfering with your performance or ruining your gloves. 

The adjustable hook and loop closure ensures that the gloves will fit perfectly and also provides proper wrist support, which is important when boxing. 

Cleto Reyes’ size range starts at 12 ounces and goes up to 18 ounces, making the gloves suitable for boxers weighing 129 to over 160 pounds. 


  • Real leather construction - Very durable 
  • Latex foam padding - High-level protection
  • Water-resistant lining - Moisture-wicking 
  • Hook and loop closure - Supportive 
  • Comes in 12 to 18 oz - Inclusive sizes 


  • High price point - Not budget-friendly 


Garneck Kids Boxing Gloves Training Gloves Training Mitts Junior Punch PU Leather Sponge Filled for Toddler and Youth Golden

If you’re looking for gold boxing gloves for children, the Garneck Kids Boxing Gloves are the best choice. 

These gloves are made of PU leather, which is impressively resistant to wear and tear. 

The thick, foam padding in each glove distributes pressure across the knuckles and is resistant to impact. This means that the padding won’t be crushed easily over time, providing proper, long-term hand protection. 

Speaking of protection, the wrist straps on these gloves are elasticated and adjustable using velcro strips. In addition to being size-adjustable, the straps provide a good level of support.

Garneck’s Kids Boxing Gloves come in 2 sizes, allowing for some variation in childrens’ hand sizes. These sizes are 23 x 14 cm and 23 x 15 cm. 

Our one criticism is the fact that the sizes in the Garneck range are expressed in centimeters rather than in terms of weight, which is an unfamiliar system that might make choosing the correct size more difficult. 


  • PU leather material - Wear-resistant 
  • Thick foam padding - Impact-resistant 
  • Elastic velcro strap - Adjustable and supportive 
  • 2 size options - 23 x 14 cm and 23 x 15 cm 


  • Sizes given in dimensions - Unfamiliar sizing system


Jayefo Glorious Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Kick Boxing Leather Sparring Heavy Bag Workout MMA Pro Leather Gloves Mitts Work for Men & Women (16 OZ, Black)

Top of our ‘Highly Commended’ section is the gold Glorious Boxing Gloves from Jayefo. 

These metallic gold boxing gloves are padded with high-impact gel, which provides superior protection by absorbing the shock from heavy bag training. 

In addition to the protection offered by the gel padding, the thumb lock feature prevents the thumb from moving past the knuckle. This massively reduces the risk of injuries to the thumb. 

If you’re worried about palm sweat impacting your workout or soaking into the material of your gloves, rest assured that the waterproof lining inside these gloves will prevent any damage. 

It’s also worth noting that the adjustable, velcro hook-and-loop wrist strap is padded with 2 layers of foam for extra wrist support. 

Take extra care when choosing a size if you opt for these gloves, though. The sizes run on the small side, so you may need to choose the next size up for a comfortable fit. 


  • High-impact gel - Maximum protection
  • Thumb lock - No thumb injuries 
  • Waterproof lining - Sweat-resistant 
  • Padded wrist strap - Extra supportive 


  • Size range runs small - Size up 


Everlast P00002353 Elite V2 Training Glove Gold 16OZ

We love the classic black and gold design of the Everlast Elite V2 Training Gloves. Not only do they look great, but their construction is pretty amazing, too!

Made of durable, full-grain leather, these gloves also feature 5 layers of core foam padding for reliable protection. 

The palms of these gloves feature mesh panels that allow air to circulate through the inside of each glove. Paired with an antimicrobial lining, the ventilation allows for a moisture-wicking, hygiene-enhancing boxing experience. 

Everlast’s Elite V2 Training Gloves also have reinforced wrist straps to prevent any injuries to the wrists. Using these gloves, you can train with heavy bags without worrying about hurting yourself. 

Please bear in mind that the actual shade of gold is slightly more muted in real life than the photographs suggest.


  • Full-grain leather - Durable 
  • 5 foam layers - Robust 
  • Mesh palms - Breathable 
  • Wrist reinforcement - Injury-preventing 
  • Antimicrobial lining - Moisture-wicking and hygienic 


  • Duller gold in real life - Not as bright as photographs 


Title Boxing Gold Series Select Training Gloves, Gold, 18 oz

The Title Boxing Gold Series Select Training Gloves are some of the best gold boxing gloves on the market at the moment. 

These gloves are made from engineered leather, which won’t easily be worn down, and feature molded foam padding, providing high levels of protection and impact resistance. 

Notably, the palms of the gloves consist partially of mesh material, which ensures that as much air as possible is able to move through the glove, keeping your hands cool and sweat-free. The moisture-wicking hand liner also helps with this. 

Unfortunately, the minimum weight in which you can purchase these gloves is 12 ounces, so boxers weighing closer to 100 lbs may struggle to use the gloves effectively. 


  • Engineered leather - Hard-wearing 
  • Molded foam padding - Impact-resistant 
  • Mesh palm panel - Optimal ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking liner - Comfortable 


  • Minimum 12 oz - Not for smaller boxers 


FISTRAGE Boxing Gloves Metallic Leather MMA Training Muay Thai Kick Boxing Sparring Heavy Bag Workout Glove Mitts for Men & Women (Golden-Black, 12 OZ)

FISTRAGE’s gold boxing gloves are made from real, premium leather, which sets them apart from a significant portion of the competition in terms of quality. The leather is resistant to wear and tear and also won’t be easily damaged if exposed to water. 

A major contributor to the quality of the FISTRAGE gold boxing gloves is the palm reinforcement, which helps the gloves to absorb shock vibrations. 

The thumb of the glove is attached to the side of the finger compartment, preventing injuries from the thumb being pulled or knocked back. 

Injuries to the wrist are also minimized thanks to the wide, padded cuffs. The cuffs will hold your wrists in a natural, yet firm position, so any twists, sprains, or breaks are very unlikely. 

However, while other boxing gloves provide 18-ounce sizes, these gloves are only available up to 16 ounces. For those boxers weighing between 160 and 180 lbs, this could potentially be a problem. 


  • Premium leather - Wear-resistant 
  • Reinforced palm - Shock absorbing 
  • Thumb attachment - Prevents injury
  • Padded cuffs - Wrist support 


  • Maximum 16 oz - Not for heavier boxers


UFG Metallic Boxing Gloves MMA Muay Thai Bag Work Training & Fight (Gold, 16oz)

UFG’s Titanium Boxing Gloves are some of the best gold gloves out there in terms of support and pressure distribution. 

The faux leather material gets things off to a good start with impressive levels of durability and wear resistance. 

Meanwhile, the padding at the peak of the fist is high-density, ensuring good shock absorption in addition to optimal shock distribution. 

If you look at the palms of these gloves, you’ll notice some cut-outs in the material, designed to let air in and out freely. With this level of ventilation, you’ll never have to worry about sweaty, waterlogged gloves. 

The UFG Titanium Boxing Gloves feature an extra strap across the inner wrist for additional support and injury reduction. 

Like our previous pick, however, these gloves only come in weights up to 16 ounces, which may not be sufficient for heavyweight boxers. 


  • Faux leather - Good longevity 
  • High-density padding - Shock distribution
  • Palm cut-outs - Ventilated 
  • Inner wrist strap - Additional support 


  • Sizes up to 16 oz - Not for boxers over 180 lbs 

Final Thoughts

10 Best Gold Boxing Gloves

We hope that you’ve found your perfect pair of gold boxing gloves in the list above! 

Remember, in addition to color, it’s important to prioritize functional features such as supportive wrist straps and high-density padding to keep yourself safe and performing at your best.