10 Best Everlast Boxing Gloves

Founded in 1910 in the Bronx, New York, Everlast is a household name in the world of sports equipment. They’re a company that nearly everyone thinks of when talking about boxing, as they make some of the highest quality boxing gloves available.

Not only that, Everlast has a massive and diverse portfolio of products for fighting sports including protective gear, punching bags, and punch mitts. In the article, we’re going through the 10 Best Everlast Boxing Gloves.

So if you’d like to find out more about what Everlast has to offer in terms of boxing gloves, read on! We’ve also included some things to consider if you are in the market for some new gloves at the end of this article.


Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves (Black, 12 oz.)

The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are a fantastic all-rounder. Made from a synthetic 80% Polyurethane / 20% Polyester leather, these gloves are optimised for heavy bag and mitt work.

They help promote the correct techniques for punching by conforming to the shape of your fist. Everlast Pro Style Training gloves also have a built-in two-layer foam cushioning for incredible shock absorption on the front, back and wrist.

The Pro Style Training Gloves also feature Everlast’s patented EverCool mesh panels and are treated with the EverFresh antimicrobials to prevent bad odor.  


  • Good quality despite being made from synthetic leather
  • Heavy duty and durable 


  • Might need to be used a few times to soften the fabric for a better fit


Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves, Black, 14 oz

A step up from the Everlast Pro Style, the Elite Pro Style Training Gloves are a revolutionary one-piece glove. The one-piece design means that fist placement and the natural range of motion are both optimized.

The patented EverCool mesh woven into the palm of these gloves helps with ventilation and comfort. They also have Closed Cell Foam technology which improves hand protection and a grip cord for enhanced gripping power.

The Elite Pro’s are available in a range of colors and sizes to match most training outfits. Like their predecessors, they’re treated with EverFresh making them odor resistant. 


  • Excellent wrist protection which braces the wrist 
  • Well constructed


  • Can run big for some people


Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves (L/XL)

Next on the list is the Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves. As the name suggests, these gloves are designed and optimized for workouts on heavy bags or focus mitts.

The adjustable Hook & Loop Wrist Strap gives a secure fit feeling to these gloves, and a quick on and off. The open-thumb design on these gloves can be a bit off putting, however, each to their own.

In terms of sizing, the Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Glove comes in S, M, L, and X-L. Much like nearly all of the entries on this list, these MMA Heavy Bag Gloves have EverCool mesh ventilation panels woven into the palm of the glove. 


  • Have all the benefits of MMA gloves whilst protecting your hands from the heavy bag. 


  • Open-Thumb design can be an issue for some
  • Sizing can be too tight for some


Everlast PowerLock Pro Training Gloves 12oz blk/Wht PowerLock Pro Training Gloves

Made from Genuine Leather, the PowerLock Pro Training gloves are designed to be long lasting and durable. PowerLock Technology is a defined anatomically correct foam structure which transposes to holding your hand in a natural fist position.

The compact design means that these gloves provide a balance of speed and comfort whilst also delivering a strong punch. The PowerLock Pro’s are ideal for sparring or heavy bag/mitt work.

There’s also a wide variety of colors to choose from with the PowerLock Pro’s, ranging from the classic Black/Gold to a funky Blue/Red. In terms of sizing, the PowerLock Pro’s cover nearly all weight types, from 12oz to 18oz. 


  • Solidly made with genuine leather 
  • Comfortable fit 


  • White/Gold pair’s gold fabric can flake off


Everlast Men's Powerlock Hook/Loop Gloves, 14 oz, Black/White

Released shortly before the PowerLock Pro Training Gloves, the Everlast PowerLock Training Gloves are designed to guide your hand into the natural fist position. This is important as it reduces strain on the hand muscles.

The PowerLock design is a more modern and anatomically correct foam. With regards to sizing the PowerLock Training gloves are made for those looking for lighter weight gloves. They come in 12, 14, and 16 ozs.

Much like the other entries on this list, you have a choice of colors ranging from Black/White, Red/Blue, and White/Gold.  Unlike the PowerLock Pro’s, these gloves are made from synthetic faux leather. 


  • Easily broken in 
  • Excellent wrist support for longer sessions



Everlast Elite Laced Leather Boxing Gloves (L (16oz), Charcoal/Black)

Released in November, 2020, the Elite Boxing Glove is designed to fit your hand like a “second skin”  and feel like an extension of your hand.

As these gloves are made from genuine leather and a premium blend of multi-layered foam and advanced composite micro-fibre, they are built to last.

We liked the fact that the leather on these gloves is full-grain, which adds to their superior feel when worn. They also feature a one-piece design for optimal comfort.  For color and weight there are a few choices with the Elite Laced Leather Gloves.

In terms of weight the gloves start at 14oz (Medium), then on to 16oz (Large), and XL (18oz). There are also four color designs available, from a stealth charcoal and black to statement red and yellow. 


  • Excellent quality fabric 
  • Suitable for Intermediate to Professional level boxing 


  • Not suitable for smaller hands 


Everlast Elite Hook & Loop Training Gloves

The Everlast Elite Hook and Loop Training Gloves are made with EverShield technology, meaning that they keep your hand and wrist protected during long sparring, bag and mitt work sessions.

The new anatomically shaped shell design gives you an organic range of motion and optimized fist placement.

These gloves are made from a blend of composite microfiber for increased durability, they also have antimicrobial treatment on the inside of the glove to prevent bad odours.

For sizing, the Elite Hook and Loop Gloves start at 14oz (Medium) and go up to 18oz (Extra Large). 


  • Extended wrist support 
  • Excellent for endurance training 


  • Not suitable for smaller wrists/hands 
  • Lacks a good “contact sound” when striking the bag


Everlast P00001713 1910 Classic Training Glove Black 16OZ

The Everlast 1910 Training glove is a classic take on the legendary boxing glove style. These bold and timeless gloves are made of premium leather and feature the authentic Everlast Logo and laser etched detailing.

They’re made with additional padding in the fist and a luxurious cushioned interior. For color options, there’s a choice of four classic designs to choose from.

From the definitive Black with yellow Everlast logo to the authoritative Brown with yellow Everlast Logo. The 1910 Classic Training Gloves may look like the old-school gloves but they have all the features of a modern glove including leather ventilated palms. 


  • Wear a piece of history with a modern twist
  • Wide wrist straps


  • Can run too tight on some hands


Everlast P00002408 Spark Training Glove Black Geo 16OZ

First available in March 2021, the Everlast Spark Boxing Training Gloves are aimed at the aspiring fitness and boxing enthusiast. As such they’re ideal for the novice looking to get into boxing.

Made with Everlast’s EverShield and EverCool technology for supportive wrist protection and ventilation respectively. They’re made from a synthetic leather/plastic blend and as such might not be as durable as others on this list, but this depends on usage.

Much like other gloves on this list, the Hook and Loop strap keeps them securely on your hands.  The Spark Boxing Training Gloves are available in six different color designs and three sizes (12oz, 14oz, 16oz).

The sizes are aimed at those on the younger side, as you can see these gloves aren’t available in the larger 18oz. 


  • Ideal for those who are getting into boxing 
  • Great for those on a budget


  • Some might experience durability issues but this is dependant on use


No products found.

The Elite V2 Training Gloves by Everlast are ideal for sparring and heavy bag/mitt work. Like nearly all of the entries on this list, the Elite V2 features the trademark EverCool woven mesh palm for excellent ventilation and temperature control.

The Elite V2 has a one-piece design which enhances fist placement, coupled with the EverShield reinforced wrist to reduce fatigue. In terms of fabric, these gloves are made from a high end synthetic leather and polyurethane for a solid look and feel.

Out of all the gloves on this list, the Elite V2’s have the widest range of color options available with nine to choose from. Each color design follows the same pattern, adding uniformity to the Elite V2 Training Gloves. 


  • True to size
  • EverFresh works wonders to keep odours at bay
  • Wide variety of colors available 


  • Position of the hand in these gloves might be uncomfortable for some

Things To Consider 

We curated this list as a starting point for those doing a bit of research on the Everlast Brand.

However, if you are in the market for a pair of boxing gloves, either your first pair or replacement, we’ve included important things to consider before making a purchase.

10 Best Everlast Boxing Gloves


As we’ve mentioned numerous times in the article, each of the gloves on this list (and in general) come in different sizes. To choose the right size you will need to know your height and weight. Even then, sizing is only an estimate. 

Anyone up to 5 foot 5 inches and in the 140lb weight bracket should consider the smaller size (12oz). If you're between 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 8 and in the 160lb weight bracket then it’s worth considering a medium sized glove (140z).

However, if you’re on the top end of the middle size range in height and weight, or over 6 feet then it’s worth trying the 16oz gloves. Anyone lucky enough to be over 6 feet tall will most likely need the XL size 18oz gloves.

Intended use of the Gloves

This probably goes without saying. Whilst each of the entries on this list can, arguably, be used for different purposes it’s always important to consider what exercises you’re aiming for. 


Everlast has stood the test of time in the boxing world. It could be argued that this is down to a number of factors. Most importantly of these factors is the high build quality of their products.

Even those products on this list made from synthetic leather or composite microfibers hold the Everlast brand and as such are expected to be of a certain quality. Not many sports brands can claim to have such a vivid and longstanding history as a brand like Everlast.

A company doesn’t last for over one hundred years in this hyper competitive market without doing something very much right.