10 Best 10 Oz Boxing Gloves

Whether it is amateur or professional boxing competitions, 10 ounce boxing gloves are often used. While they are not recommended for sparring if you have little experience with this, as they are quite thin and may hurt your partner, they are often used in people’s workout routines.

If you want to get into boxing or want to add a punching bag to your workout routines, then buying the right gloves is essential in preventing you from getting injured. Here are the best 10 ounce gloves you can buy based on their padding, ergonomics, and other factors.

We will go through all their benefits and drawbacks, so you can easily see which gloves will be the best choice for you and your needs.


Everlast New Pro Style Elite Training Gloves (Black, 10 oz)

If you are just starting in boxing, or you just want to test out boxing as part of your workout routines, then these are the gloves for you.

They’re a great all-rounder pair of gloves that’s pretty cheap compared to others on the market and will make a good choice if you would rather buy new gloves over second-hand.

Everlast gloves are well padded, so when you hit the bag or your opponent, your hands will be properly protected. The wrist support provided by these is excellent, especially given their low price.

This padding will also come in handy if you have ever had a hand or wrist injury, as they provide enough padding to prevent further damage.

There are some downsides to the Everlast gloves, which may be caused by lower-quality materials being used. The design of these gloves seems to have been tailored for people with very large hands.

If you have average to small hands then you may feel that these gloves feel loose when hitting the punching bag.

The velcro fastening is another issue. They frequently come free when sparring or working out. While this is a common problem with the gloves, it's easy to repair by taping them together like they do in professional fights.

Overall, the Everlast are the perfect gloves to buy if you are getting your very first pair. While they have some drawbacks, they are very cheap and are excellent for beginners.


  • Good wrist support - this makes these gloves ideal for people who have suffered from a previous injury
  • Good value for money - these are some of the cheapest gloves you can buy and they are of pretty good quality


  • Gloves feel loose - if you have larger hands you may not notice this issue


Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Muay Thai boxing gloves are great all-rounders, however, their design is better suited to kickboxing rather than traditional boxing. These gloves are longer at the wrists for blocking kicks and more of an open palm for catching elbows.

That's not to say they're not suitable to typical boxers though as they are great for training and sparring.

Fairtex says that the leather boxing glove's three layers of uniformly distributed padding will provide greater hand and knuckle protection as well as shock dispersal.

This will protect the hand and wrist from any injuries that may happen if you land a punch wrong. If you are in a boxing ring, this will also protect your opponent, as while a punch while wearing these gloves will hurt, it will not cause them severe damage.

These gloves are suitable for every style of training from sparring to hitting bags or pads. The only real drawback of these gloves is that they can be very tight-fitting, even if you have average-sized hands.

While this can be beneficial as this ensures that the gloves won’t fall off if you have larger hands you may struggle to find a pair that fits.


  • Multi-layer padding - protects your hands and wrists from injury
  • Multi-purpose - can be used in all types of training and workouts 


  • Sizes run small - if you have large hands you may have to


Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Matte/Black - 16oz

If you're looking for the best mainstream 10 ounce gloves, you can't go wrong with the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. Due to the combination of high-quality craftsmanship, edgy appearance, and low cost for what you get, these are the best value for money.

These gloves are perfect for rigorous sparring or training sessions. One of the best things about these gloves is how comfortable they are to wear when punching.

They’re not too soft, but they’re not too hard either, making them a perfect choice for people who want some knuckle protection without sacrificing any of the feeling when you land a punch.

These gloves are some of the very best you can get. They have so many advantages over other gloves on this list, which you can see reflected in their price.

The cost of these gloves (they’re quite pricy) and the slight lack of padding, are the only real drawbacks to these gloves.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable - you’ll be able to land hard punches to your opponent or bag without fear of injury or damage to your hands
  • Edgy and modern style - these gloves have a very cool design and come in several colors so they will appeal to many people


  • Not a lot of padding - This is not a major issue as these gloves are very comfortable in general. It just means that if you hit your opponent too hard you may hurt them more than you meant to 


adidas Boxing Gloves - Hybrid 80 - for Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Bag, Training & Fitness - Boxing Gloves for Men & Women - Weight (12 oz, Black/Blue)

These are another pair of gloves that are more suitable for kickboxing over regular boxing, though they can be used for both.

The gloves are made of high-quality polyurethane leather, with an exterior shell designed to provide you with a great boxing performance. These gloves can be used in sparring, fitness classes, kickboxing, boxing, and workouts.

These boxing gloves are made to provide superior shock absorption while protecting your knuckles and fist during extended boxing workouts. This is excellent in protecting your hands.

The gloves can also help you in picking up speed and landing punches easily, so you will almost always be able to deliver a powerful and precise punch.

The Hybrid 800 gloves have also been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The gloves have a sting velcro closing system on the wrists that allows for quick glove changes while providing substantial wrist support.

The gloves also include a quality lining on the inside that provides maximum comfort while protecting your hands from blisters and chafing during long gym sessions.

Overall these gloves will make an excellent choice no matter what kind of workout you will be doing or what your skill level is.


  • Built-in shock absorption - protects hands from injury
  • Multi-purpose - can be used in a variety of workouts


  • Questionable durability - though the gloves are made out of high-quality material, some buyers have reported that the gloves breakdown after a few intensive workouts



Reyes gloves are some of the most recognizable in the boxing community, as they are used by a large number of pro fighters.

With that in mind, if you want to get into professional boxing or serious training, then these premium gloves will be the right choice for you.

The key selling point of these gloves is their punching power. With its retro look, basic styling, and, most importantly, minimal padding for a more compact fit, Cleto Reyes is the ultimate Mexican style glove.

Reduced padding is supposed to improve a boxer's punching strength, so if your hands aren't hurting, these gloves may be able to help you improve your power.

Another draw to these gloves is that they’re very well-made. The leather is soft and supple, the stitching is done by hand to guarantee the glove lasts a long time, and the overall presentation makes this glove look like something a 1950s boxer would wear.

These are worth checking out if you want a more traditional style of boxing gear.

The only real drawback to these gloves is the price, but for such a high-quality product you shouldn’t be surprised if you are spending $100 or more.


  • Improves punching power - These will help you fight to the best of your ability
  • Super high quality - these stylish but durable gloves are guaranteed to last you ages thanks to their handcrafted design


  • Very expensive - this is compared to other gloves in the market, but for such high quality you can’t expect anything less


Lonsdale Mens Pro Training Glove Pink 10oz

The Lonsdale glove is a good option if you are just starting out and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on your first pair of gloves.

These gloves are well-padded and should be good enough to help you gain experience and skill when using heavy bags and pads.

When things get serious, you'll want to invest in a leather pair because they'll last longer through long training sessions, but these are the best synthetic pair you'll find for the money.

These gloves come with M Core ventilation mesh that keeps the gloves cool as well, which is a feature not commonly found on synthetic gloves like this.

These gloves are simple but effective and will be ideal for a beginner boxer or trainer.


  • Provides a lot of hand protection - the closed foam technology used here protects the hands from hard punches
  • Super cheap - compared to other gloved on the market, these are very cheap, making them good for people just starting out


  • Synthetic leather - this material is not as durable as leather, meaning that these gloves will wear out quite quickly


Everlast ProTex3 Pro Fight Gloves 10oz Gry ProTex3 Pro Fight Gloves

Everlast is another brand that is held in high esteem in the boxing world. While there are better gloves on the market, the mix of high-quality construction, a compact fit, and a moderate price make these gloves a feasible Cleto Reyes alternative.

These gloves offer many of the same features and functions as the Reyes do, but at a fraction of the price.

They are compact and light, being shaped more like a traditional Mexican glove, with less padding and a more conventional shape than other gloves, resulting in crisper power delivery than other gloves.

These are also very high-quality and durable gloves, with soft leather and pristine stitching to keep the whole thing together.

While there is adequate padding in these gloves, these are still considered to be punchers gloves. If you have weak hands and wrists then after a hard training session they will be very sore.

You may also find that breaking in these gloves is a struggle, as they have been known to have an unergonomic fit. But once you get over this hurdle, the gloves should fit you fine.


  • Durable - these gloves will last you a long time no matter what training you are doing
  • A Cleto Reyes dupe - if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on gloves ten these are a great alternative


  • Awkward fit - these gloves take some getting used to, but once you have broken them in they should be much more comfortable


Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women Wrist and Knuckle Protection, Dual-X Hook and Loop Closure, Splinted Wrist Support, 5 Layer Foam Knuckle Padding - White/Gold, 12 oz

These gloves are a standout pair thanks to their excellent wrist support, cushioning, and premium feel. These are a wonderful option if you have hand or wrist problems and want to protect your hands as much as possible when sparring.

These are the gloves for you if you've ever had wrist or hand difficulties while wearing other gloves. These will protect your knuckles more than the Everlast gear ever could, though with this step up in quality comes a step up in price.

But if you've ever had a hand fracture, you should try these out no matter what form of training you are doing.

A big disadvantage to these gloves is their lack of breathability. This may be done to the synthetic leather used, but your hands will probably feel hot and sweaty whenever you use them.


  • Perfect for those who have wrist problems or have suffered from an injury - these gloves provide your hands and wrists with so much support that you don’t need to worry about causing any fighter damage to your injuries
  • Loads of padding - tied in with the support is the padding, which will make punching feel very soft


  • Not breathable - this material is not breathable at all and your hands will feel sweaty while training or fighting


Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves Pink 8-OZ

These are some of the best dirt cheap gloves on the market. While they are not very durable compared to other gloves, they are fine if you're on a tight budget but need something to last at least a few months until you can purchase something better.

This model's gel padding allows it to be used in several situations, including heavy bag, pad work, and touch sparring (very light sparring). Not only are they versatile, but even with heavy use, they should be able to last you 3-4 months at least.

The biggest disadvantage is that they will feel exceedingly soft, but if that is what you want, it may be a bonus. They also have a very low build quality but this is to be expected when buying gloves that are less than $50.


  • Soft cushioning - while not everyone will appreciate this, those with frail hands will be able to use this to their advantage
  • Very cheap - while this can also be a con, if you need a replacement pair of gloves quickly and cheaply then these are the best option


  • Low quality - while they will last you a few months, these gloves are not made out of the best materials


adidas Hybrid 65 Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves for Women & Men

Boxers that prefer a more modest, toned-down velcro glove will appreciate the Adidas Hybrid 65 Boxing Glove. It's a terrific option for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on gloves, and it's especially good for beginners.

These gloves have a good balance of stiffness and protection. You will be comfortable enough to use them for a range of exercises.

With sizing, this model's ergonomics aren't perfect, so it’s a good idea to test the gloves out on a punching bag before buying it, especially if you have very large or small hands.

While these gloves are more basic than some on this list, they are still an excellent choice of gloves.


  • Good for beginners/people on a budget - these gloves can perform just as well as high-end products, but are a fraction of the price.
  • Good balance in padding - while these gloves are quote stiff, they can also protect your hands well, ensuring that you won’t be too sore after an intense workout


  • Ergonomics issue - the ergonomics aren’t great on the gloves, but that just means that you’ll have to try before you buy

We hope you have found this article useful and that our variety of choices for the best 10oz boxing gloves has given you plenty of things to consider!  

Good luck between the ropes!